Server 2008 file sharing issues

By -Lukin- ·
Server randomly loses connectivty as far as file sharing goes. Trying to map a drive, hit the shares by unc path either by name, fully qualified unc, or by IP times out. You can still ping the server by name or IP and can RDC into the box.

This is driving me crazy and it just happens sporadically. I have checked event logs, nothing of interest there, checked and watched services for something going into a stopped state (server or computer browser, anything) and nothing seems to be happening there when the issue crops up. I've tried disabling and reenabling file sharing, nothing. Every time it happens I have to reboot the server, which leads me to it being a service issue, but alas, which one it could be is lost on me.
(mind you I did not set up this server, and generally do not support it, but as it is affecting the end users I am doing some troubleshooting)

There are two nic's on the box, both IP'd, according to the "server admin" he has some people hitting the IP of one of the NIC's for FTP. I have seen some DECCLI errors in the event log regarding DNS, figure this could be the culprit for those errors, wonder if it could be causing the entire issue?

Thoughts, suggestions? I have googled this to DEATH.



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Have you checked Network Traffic

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server 2008 file sharing ...

Or Concurrent Connections when this happens?


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by -Lukin- In reply to Have you checked Network ...

I dont beleive so. There are only a couple of users accessing any of the shares at any given time. It just sporadic.

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Remember that Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hmm

Doesn't always let go of connections as it should.

If several systems are sharing things here it's possible that you are exceeding the Max Limit and this is the cause of the problem.


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