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Server 2008 R2 Need some advice

By ebarratt ·
I have resently started to build a cloud server with Windows 2008 R2 and coming from a more pc tech, software development background, I really started to learn what i needed in the last 3 weeks of non-sleep massive reading. My goal is to setup a network of servers for a hosting environment and I was wondering the best course of action if anyone can help me.

I have setup the server 2008 r2 setup the routing with IP4 & IP6 fully functioning with DNS working properly now and my next goals are to have DFS, Exchange 2010 Server, Active Directory if needed i hear is not good to have with exchange but I've installed it multiple times on my first runs with Routing and DNS in the last 3 weeks. I read alot of RFC's and learned all the routing and ipv6 changes and dns i needed.

My question is i have exhcange 2010 server, sharepoint, project manager, office 2010 and sql dbw2000r2 i want all this implemented but want to know the best order of doing it and any advice.

Shoujld I setup a secondary Domain controller, then install exhcange, then AD then the rest and when and where should i start to do the hyper v ifi want to just host and offer services is there a program i can install that wroks well with all this?

My thought on this was and i'm unsure cause no one reallys says step one to 10 so..... I was going to do 2ndary Domain Server on windows 2008 r2 another box. Then i was gonna do DFS, Then hyper V or visa versa, then exchange 2010 then active directory, office, share point so on. But then I read about Hyper v should be first. Really just confused on it all, I don't mind reading 3 days and learning it all and doing it myself but the order is where I need the help and any advice would be awesome.

thanks all!!!

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