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Admittedly, there's probably a thousand answers out there and I'm just not finding the right one. Additionally, I'm a complete novice at scripting and the best I've done is modify other scripts to suit my needs. I have no familiarity with CALCS or XCALCS, and barely any with VBS and Powershell. That having been said, here's my problem and any solid, detailed answer will be greatly appreciated.

I need to be able to set default permissions on several hundred home folders at one time so our users have modify access. What our script used to do was read the contents of a file and buffer it, then check the Active Directory for a login of the same name and apply the modify permission to that folder and all subfolders/files in the tree. This was a recursive action that would last until there were no remaining files in that particular share to read.

The nature of the problem is that the decision was made to use Windows Server 2008 for an OS our new home folder server. The previous script that we did use on Server 2003 doesn't seem to set the permissions correctly. Near as I can figure, it's setting permissions as a "special" security setting which is causing problems. Normally, I would sit down and work to modify our old script until it would actually do the task. Unfortunately, the scripting tool that was used to write it originally has long since vanished and none of the current staff remember what it was.

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Thanks for the response but ...

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The link was for a Windows 2003 server, and specifically if we're redirecting the My Documents folder to the home folder. All I need to manage is to change large groups of home folder permissions at one time. And we're also running on a Windows 2008 Server which doesn't seem to allow me to do things in the same manner.

Thanks again for trying to help though, Peconet.

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