Server 2008 WSUS how approve all updates

By Jacques.Gordon ·
I've set up a server 2008 machine as a WSUS server.

Everything looks good so far but wsus now has over 23 000 updates to approve.

I'm only setting up the wsus server to decrease our internet usage because we're using an expensive microwave connection, once all the currnet updates are approved then I'll want to manually approve the new ones.

It's just a bit redundant filtering the older updates since most people have them already.

So my Question is how do I approve all the current updates?

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There is a manual for WSUS

by CG IT In reply to Server 2008 WSUS how appr ...

I would highly recommend that you go download it and read it to familiarize yourself with WSUS and how you can filter what updates you get, delete those you don't want, and deploy the ones you want to the workstations and servers you want to deploy them to.

WSUS is highly granular so that you can not deploy updates to workstations or servers that the updates might break something, such as custom applications or custom hardware.

here's link to download the manual:

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Request for Clarification

by Jacques.Gordon In reply to There is a manual for WSU ...

Thanks, I guess if all else fails read the manual...

I did find last night that under the options node there is an Automatic Approvals section so I ended up using that to automatically approve the critical and security updates.

p.s. I hope that this is the proper way to reply, I'm still getting used to the new layout. :)

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