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    Server 2012 RemoteApp user PW Expiration


    by k.stehman ·

    Well I have been searching for the better part of the and I have to say I kind of feel like Dr. Jones, only with less success. I work for a company that supplies technical solutions for the Healthcare community so HIPAA is very important in my line of work. With the need for Password Changes we have run into a bit of a roadblock and decided to come to the mass of experts that is TR.
    Here is my issue

    We are beginning to implement the RemoteApp solution for remote clients that use their software other then at their main office. We are preparing to use Server 2012 for this solution BUT HIPAA requires password changes. When using the RemoteApp it will not warn or prompt that would set a password change in motion. So when the password expires it will not allow them to log in. The OWA is the simple solution for this but since streamlining functionality for the user is always the goal we were trying to find a way that when an application launches it would prompt saying their password will expire in X number of days and give them the ability to change it. This is preferable to having the user call our HelpDesk when their password simply stops working. Is there anyone out there that has found a solution for this or has a solid base for us to work off of? As it stands we are at a loss as to how to provide this to our client and would like to provide this as it will make, not only the user’s, but our HD’s life just a little easier.

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