Server 2K Does not Recognize HD - Inaccessible Boot Device error

By lm_clevenger ·
I am getting the BSOD, Stop Error, Inaccessible Boot Device...

A company I contract for just purchased a used machine with Server 2000 on it. Suddenly I got the error Inaccessible Boot Device, run Chkdsk.

How can I run chkdsk when I can't get to the c: promp???

Anyone have any ideas. This is very frustrating.

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Forget CHKDSK you need to do something more basic

by OH Smeg In reply to Server 2K Does not Recogn ...

Run a HDD Testing Utility and test the Drive and Interface. If it doesn't work in that machine transfer the drive to another and teat again. If it works now change the Data Lead to the Drive & Test again. If it works the Data Lead & HDD ate OK and the M'Board is shot. If it doesn't work with the original Data Lead the Lead needs replacing and if it doesn't work at all on the second machine the HDD is shot.

If you don't have a HDD Testing Utility you can use Seatools available here

Download the DOS Version not the Windows Version.

If you don't have a Floppy Drive to test from get yourself a Copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available for download here & test the HDD from that.

Then if the HDD is working correctly you can rebuild the Partition Tables from the Ultimate Boot CD as it's got all the required tools on it and doesn't require any OS to run from. Though you do have to make sure that the BIOS is set to boot from the Optical Drive before the HDD.


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