Server 2k3 loses connection daily

By scott ·
I have inherited a mess. I am stepping in as IT manager for a small architecture firm in addition to being hired as CAD manager.

Everyday around 4:00 pm, my clients lose connection with the server. This happens whether they are on the domain or on a workgroup. It causes the clients to hang. Can anyone point me in a direction to look?

Also, I have password issues, but after reading posts here, I will not ask anyone to help me hack them. I'll figure it out myself.

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is there something

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Server 2k3 loses connecti ...

major running? like a CAD update? one person here ran his CAD software updates around 1pm and only after telling me two weeks after my beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why his computer was so slow and hanging did he tell me that (and i couldn't look at task mgr because it seemed to not take up cpu resources - go figure).

or maybe someone's trying end-of-day procedures? backups running? massive av software updates? the time should be irrelevant.

and by the way, good thinking about the password cracking. yeah, we know how to get it cracked. but we don't trust here.

good luck!

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nothing major running

by scott In reply to is there something

Just found out that autodisconnect for the mapped drives was set to 15 minutes. I just turned that off. We'll see if that helps.

Where can I look to see what is running?

Event viewer is about a mile long and I don't know where to start.

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disconnect of mapped network drives

by Triathlete1981 In reply to nothing major running

shouldn't affect the 4pm thing

and by the way, how did you change the disconnect of mapped network drives? i'd like to see if that's a reason some of mine at work disconnect.

you could go into task manager under processes to see what's running around 4pm when everything disconnects. with event viewer, you can filter out certain things to not show or change the view to only look at warnings or errors.

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change autodisconnect

by scott In reply to disconnect of mapped netw ...

The 4:00 pm thing is more of a general, not an absolute. It just slows down for everyone around that time. Anytime someone tries to save a file, cad, word, or otherwise, it will cause the program to hang. It's like it can't communicate with the server.

Do you know anything about event id 5807? Every reference I find on the web shows something like 9 or 10 logon attempts in 24 hours. Mine is several thousand attempts in 4-6 hours. I am assuming I need to add a subnet, but I can only add one address. Which one do I add? All of the clients are listed in the netlogon.

For disconnecting shares, go here

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event id 5807

by Triathlete1981 In reply to change autodisconnect

i just searched the past 30 minutes for event id 5807. i'm on lunch so it's just showing how techie i am. i don't see anything other than what you mentioned about creating subnets.

maybe, if you say thousands, you have two many users on the same subnet. with regard to what address to pick, if you have that many users, why not create a subnet for each floor/department. it seems to me that the netlogon mechanism they describe will automatically figure a network address based on the subnet mask you enter.

do you have multiple subnets in your domain that the domain controller is unaware of?

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it may be time to investigate further

by scott In reply to event id 5807

I only have 20 users. How about that?

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by retro77 In reply to it may be time to investi ...

Then you have a trojan or something running on your network. No real person can login several thousand times in a matter of minutes.

Check you firewall to make sure that it isnt someone coming in from the internet. You most likely have an infected host. Find it and patch it or format it.

For passwords, no reason for IT to know the password to users. If you need to login as someone have that user login, if someone needs access to anothers email while they are on vacation, grant it. But never share passwords. You as the manager can always reset the password and login as that person. Only use this in extreme cases.

edit: also the server dropping connections could be this trojan. Look in computer management, shared folders, sessions and or open files. See if someone has thousands of connections open.

Also double check the network utilization to see if its getting maxed out. You are on a switched network right? As apposed to a hubbed network.

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yeah i didn't think about that

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Server 2k3 loses connecti ...

running av scan. you may have an infection. it's possible.

but about the guy's post with passwords. i disagree that IT shouldn't know people's passwords. yes, you can always change someone's password to gain access to their computer. but, IT should know as much as humanly possible about their systems (including passwords).

considering the accessibility you have to change people's passwords anyway, what's the justification for not knowing their passwords?

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4:00 pm Connectivity with Server Breaks

by Evisscerator In reply to Server 2k3 loses connecti ...

I too am supporting a network with a similar issue and these are CAD workstations. The problem seemed to stem from Windows XP machines running novell clients (though I don't believe the novell clientware is the culprit) so we got them a new SBS 2008 R2 server and ditched the Novell Server. I've been having to wipe and reload each workstation which seemed to correct and fix the problem and on the remaining machines (mostly running Windows XP Pro) there is still the 4:00 PM connectivity break occurring that seems to last about 25-35 minutes each day.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what to look at or look for, please respond here. I am sure that Microsoft is aware of the issue but isn't saying much or being too helpful in fixing the problem.

By the way, for those of you with that stupid pop up dialog box in MS outlook requesting input of UserID and Password to connect to the remote.>domain<.xxx ..... I have found an answer for it:

Goto IIS Manager
Then to SBS Web Applications
Them to SSL Settings (Client Certificates)
Change EWS to IGNORE
Change OAB to ACCEPT
Change OWA to ACCEPT
Change RPC to ACCEPT
Change RPCwithCert to ACCEPT
and save the changes when prompted.
You will then need to restart IIS Services and then do a complete shutdown and restart of the server, followed by a complete shutdown and restart of the workstations.

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