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Server Anti-Virus Software?????

By brentc76 ·
Hello all, I have installed Server on my hard drive for school. I am having a problem trying to find an anti-virus software for a "Server". I have tried to put McAfee, and Norton on the Server, only to reject the installation due to it being a server. I have tried to use MicroTrend's Server Protect. But for a classroom environment I need something that is a little more user friendly for the "not - so - average" user. What Server Antivirus software Programs are recommended? If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly.

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What server?

by jdmercha In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

What server software are you running? McAfee version 7 or higher runs fine in Windows 2k or 2003. Earlier versions of McAfee had a seperate server product.

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server AV

by afram In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

I liked Symantec's Antivirus Corporate Version 9 for our servers (but if you install it on an exchange server there are some config changes you have to make).

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Can't run desktop AV

by jdclyde In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Need to get Symantec Corpotate. This is designed to run on a server as well as monitor the AV on the desktops in your class room.

I have been using this for a few years now and it works great.

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Server AV SW

by brentc76 In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Thanx, I will look for these and give them a shot. I figured Symantec and Mcafee had something, i jus did not have the correct version. I have CA (Computer Associates) AV SW, but not sure if i want to attempt it, heard it is not too stable.????not sure though....
Thanx again.

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I moved to Symantec

by jdclyde In reply to Server AV SW

I started with McAfee. Had nothing but trouble with it.

Systems would lockup on bootup. Would have to try three or four times before it would boot.

Would make systems crash.

Would find viruses, but only half clean them up. I would have to unload the McAfee and load my personal copy of Norton (talking desktops) to clean it up. Then unload the Norton and put the McAfee back on to stay almost legal.

When the year ran out (10 months too long for me) I switched to the Symantec (Norton is home) and life has been just grand.

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Get connected Stay protected..........Just go for online Anti-Virus

by sekhardash In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Try VirusScan ASaP, it's the netxt gen AV & Best among all Anti-Virus. VirusScan ASaP is the first online anti-virus managed service that provides continuously updated protection against malicious code while it lets you offload the burden of managing anti-virus software.

VirusScan ASaP provides combined protection from viruses for desktops and for Windows file servers.

VirusScan ASaP managed service also gives users the unparalleled technology of McAfee's Web-based reports that provides visibility management into your environment. VirusScan ASaP even protects PCs that do not have an Internet connection with its Internet Independent Updating feature, as well as delivers enhanced virus protection and management to dial-up users. So, whether your company has two computers, 200, or 200,000, VirusScan ASaP can protect every one of them.

Always Up-to-date automatically
Eliminate 80% of anti-virus lifetime costs
Frees up key resources
Continuously Protects Desktops and File Servers
Enhanced management and security for remote users and telecommuters
24x7 Enterprise Visibility with Web-Based Reports
Comprehensive Detection and Cleaning

Servers :
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack 6a or later
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 6a or later
Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or later
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 2 or later
Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Server
Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
Microsoft Windows 2003 Web Edition

For more infor visit:

You can download the free trial too :)
Best regards,

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here's my suggestion, go with Symantec Antivirus...

by UncleRob In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

The regular antivirus software products available are meant for workstation use only (regular pc's not servers), attempting to install regular antivirus products on your server will usually produce an error message similar to "this product meant for workstation use only", I have limited experience with McAfee's av product line and the software that I did play around with proved to be a nightmare when I chose to uninstall it. MicroTrend's products are very good and receive plenty of good reviews but if you don't want to use them I suggest the Symantec Antivirus software(not Norton Antivirus, same company, different product - I believe the latest version of Symantec Antivirus client that will work on a win2k or win2k3 server is version 9.x).

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Find a lost Windows product key

by megacomnet In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Go to

That's a best antivirus program for server or single

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Another proposal

by marius.muralis In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Try Computer Associates product eTrust ver.7.1.
- easy to use
- all tasks(virus pattern updates, distribution, common settings) can be configured from one management console using versatile eTrust policies. Having good prepared rules you can avoid administrating tasks: all servers, PC's get settings from one point and you can even prohibit users to make any changes to anti-virus service running on their PC's.
I'am using it without any troubles and all my network machines always have latest update definitions.

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Server Anti-Virus Software

by mahesh In reply to Another proposal

More ever you can use ePolicy ORCHESTRATOR ver. 3.0 SP1 or higher from Mcafee to controll all desktops and servers from central management console.

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