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Server backup administration

By Chrisfc ·
My network consists of 2x Win2k servers, one runs exchange, the other acts as a fileserver. It's a single site charity.

Veritas backs up both servers, however in the event of a total disaster, our down time would be too long to re-order a server, re-install programs then install the data and exchange from tape. What's the most advisable policy with such a small network, including hardware redundancy? Any help/resource suggestions much appreciated..

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Raid ploicy

by krishna.inamdar In reply to Server backup administrat ...


You can install Hardware raid on these servers. this is ur primay redundancy, secondly you can install veritas media backup solution. along with veritas voluma manager. you can also for for NAS box with fiber and ATA modules. you can then go for Tape library. this way you have 4 layers of redundancy and at any given point of time if you loose data, you will be able to restore it in just couple of hours.

Krishna Inamdar

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How much are you willing to spend?

by pgm554 In reply to Raid ploicy

Rudundancy and how much you want to spend go hand in hand.

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how much?

by Chrisfc In reply to How much are you willing ...

budget's not bad - no extravagance, but no restrictions either.

I'm looking worst case scenario here - how to get a functioning network back up (domain controllers, exchange, sql, IIS etc.) as quick as possible with minimal cost..

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re: raid policy

by Chrisfc In reply to Raid ploicy

Both servers already run raid, with veritas backing up both servers. Not sure what you mean re. NAS box, with fiber/ata modules, is this a type of remote storage?

I'm looking worst case, say the office burns down..

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Business continuity

by tomdomm In reply to re: raid policy

What type of outage are you looking to recover from? Disaster recover planning covers many levels of risk / outages. If you can stand to be down for several days, replacing servers with powerful workstations is one option. Another is set up an agreement with another agency to use spare facilities. There are companies that host the entire IT infrastructure for businesses. One can rent from them until facilities are restored. Almost any recovery requires current off-site storage. There are also other concerns in a DR incident. People(employees), sponsors, customers, communications with all parties, office supplies, office space, the list can go on for pages, but you get the idea. Disaster recovery / business continuity needs to be planned out at all levels. Your looking at your niche of the business, a good start. Coordinate with the rest of the infrastructure and you may get a healthy bonus if done right.

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Disaster Recovery

by jmgarvin In reply to Server backup administrat ...

Assuming your building burns down?

I would have at least 1 offsite server that was a mirror of both your file server and your exchange server. This will save you money, but you'll take the performance hit.

If you also have a handful of laptops for your users, you can keep chugging.

Make sure to get a good offsite storage facility.

Keep some backups offsite. Perhaps a 24 or 48 hour old backup?

Does that help?

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