Server Backup on 4mm Data Cartridge

By junkmail1025 ·
This may sound like a stupid question, but this problem is new to me. Everynight we backup old school to 4mm data cartridge tapes. I clean the heads and purchase new tapes every few months, but suddenly two days ago we can not run backup, everytime we start the screen just pops up saying 'tape rewinding'. It stays that way for hours if you let it, it will never run the backup. I have checked all processes, run a scan, a defrag, rebooted, changed tapes, etc..nothing seems to stop it. Im not sure what to do, my system has to get backed up.

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Replace the Tape Drive as it sounds as if it's gone faulty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Server Backup on 4mm Data ...

You might try cleaning it out as they do fill up with dust and other crud but ultimately depending on how old the Tape Drive is you'll probably be better replacing it with a new one.


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