Server Backup Software - suggestions?

By zadetoro ·
I am currently using Veritas back-up exec 9.1 to backup a company fileserver. However, we have other servers on the domain that need to be backed up and with which we are only using windows backup for and saving to shared folders on the fileserver (my problem is that i don't want to save these backup files to disk before backing them up to tape). I asked the company to purchase backup exec agents but they think it is too expensive. Does anyone know of any cheaper backup softwares that can help with my intended backup solution, but that is better than windows backup:
We have 1 tape drive so all servers need to backup to one tapedrive (attached to filesever)

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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Agents The Way to Go

by pierrejamme In reply to Server Backup Software - ...

Agents are not expensive and are the way to go if you back up several servers to one tape drive.
What would be expensive and is the norm is for every server to have a tape and a license. Price that out and give it to mgmt.

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re: Server Backup Software - suggestions?

by david.hewison In reply to Server Backup Software - ...

You could use NTBackup throughout. The tapeless machines backup the systemstate to a local file then run ntbackup on the files server to backup up both local and remote filesystems.

Try this script to make it more manageable:

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Server Backup Software

by Newv In reply to Server Backup Software - ...

Try Handy Backup. There are Small Server and Network Server. I would prefer Handy Backup Network Server for enterprise to back up network workstations from a single control point.

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Server Backup Software

My goodness! I wonder if the person that asked this question 6 years
ago ever figured out how to do their backup? If not, they were probably
terminated for incompetence. Please don't wake the zombies!
TR Moderator

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