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    Server Backups on Networks


    by philfrigo ·

    In response to the backup article recently posted, I would add that it is CRITICAL to understand the DB software that may be running, (Oracle comes to mind), that blocks a persistent backup strategy. (i.e., you won’t be able to verify the backup if DB software is still running on the server). In some cases, the DB files themselves will fail the copy over to tape. Don’t network guys understand that the most important aspect of backup’s is the database information?

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      good or bad idea?

      by charger media ·

      In reply to Server Backups on Networks

      Is it a bad idea to create a .bkp file of the database and simply back that up?

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        Good idea..

        by syadm ·

        In reply to good or bad idea?

        Im my world we do backup of databases like this:
        The DB admin is responsible for the creation of a database dump and the Network admin is responsible for the transfer to a backupserver where the backup is stored on tape and the tape stored safe.
        Idont see why the netadmin should tinker with the DB and the idea of “simply back that up” sounds like the right way to do it.
        But.. Have you actually tried to restore from a backup with your present network/DB configuration?
        A backup which can?t be restored is no backup, just a big bunch of binaries.


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