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By andre ·
hi! I would appreciate if anyone can help me please with a current problem i m facing. whenever i reboot my system a pop up window comes up stating that the server is busy and that i have to switch to or retry. actually i m sure there is no programme running. whenever i press on switch to the start menu pops up but still i don t know what to do. after some time the server busy pop up goes away but until it s there i cannot open another application. can anyone suggest something please?

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Server Busy Message box

by joe11701 In reply to server busy

I am also receiving the same message box. at various times throughout the session it pops up without warning. I could be reading email (outlook) surfing (IE) or writing a document (Word)

I recently installed a new HP 6310 All-in-One device on my network, and installed the software.

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server busy - possible answer

by joe11701 In reply to server busy

After thinking about my "server Busy" problem, i remembered that it started after i installed a new printer on my pc,

I'm in the process of checking out this lead with the manufacturer.

Have you installed anything before you started to get this message?

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I also installed an HP6310 printer.

by bigmac In reply to server busy - possible an ...

I am experiencing the same problem with the popups. I recently installed the HP6310 all in one printer on my laptop. It was setup as a network printer. Any help would be appreciated.

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Use Process Explorer

by rkuhn In reply to I also installed an HP631 ...

To figure out which process is consuming the CPU cycles.

Much better than Task Manager, shows hidden processes and much more detailed.

Used to be made by Systernals and now by Microsoft...they acquired them recently.

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Installation of HP6310

by prufford In reply to I also installed an HP631 ...

I am experiencing the same problem following installation of a HP6300 printer. Did you find a solution to the problem? Any help would be most appreciated.

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Reinstall printer as a local not network printer

by bigmac In reply to Installation of HP6310

I originally installed the printer designated as a network printer. I removed the software and reinstalled the printer as a local printer and my problem went away. good luck.

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Reinstalled the printer

by prufford In reply to Reinstall printer as a lo ...

Thank you for your advice. I did reinstall the printer and the problem seems to have gone away. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next few days but thank you for puting me in the right direction.

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server busy

by juliecuento In reply to Reinstall printer as a lo ...

got the same problem too for almost a year, until i read this forum...and i found a big help and solved my problem though its not on the printer ( i used canon) but on the scanner...thanks a lot....

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HP-6300, HP-6310, HP-6313 and Server Busy

by izked In reply to Installation of HP6310

The solution is simple:

1. Fully uninstall all HP software components and driver.

2. Reinstall only basic software (do not choose full). Do not install extended capabilities.

This will stop the server busy pop ups and reduce considerably CPU USAGE.

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2 solutions - reinstall or go USB instead of TCP/IP

by dale.rivers In reply to HP-6300, HP-6310, HP-6313 ...

I'm pulling my hair out with my HP6310. It's a good quality printer/scanner when it works but the HP software is terrible.

I unloaded the CD bundle and installed just the drivers (available here

That worked for a while and still does for printing but scanning now produces the SERVER BUSY error. I cannot get rid of the error box but it goes by itself after 5 or 10 minutes then I can scan. I cannot install the 'server busy' patch because the installation fails.

I've since gone USB and it's working OK now but it's the last time I get a HP printer. Go Invent! Bollocks!

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