Server Class Board needing Special 'P14' connector-How can i get around it?

By offtherails2010 ·
Hello and good day, I am back with another problem with my hair-brained scheme to take over the world, again, and as usual am probably asking for the impossible to happen but there has been not one forum on the internet that has a solution to this problem apart from buying a server based-PSU...

I have also been humbly asked to also post this here in the Q & A as well as in the hardware section of and have apologised for a mess up concerning an incident in the hardware section and now know not to do that again for any future lines of questions from me...

I am desperate to find out if anyone has an old server power supply that has this 'P14 - Auxiliary Power' connector and if it shows on the power supply what the voltages are for the 4 wires that are present in the 5 pin connector (white, yellow, empty, black, orange) as I now have an Intel Workstation Board S5520SC and am extremely desperate to get it working.

- P14 PSU Connector (Server PSU)

please please please would anyone be able to help even if it seems you have had a similar board in the past and can remember a thing or two about where I can get the psu or more importantly, what the specific power voltages are of the 4 wires of the P14 connector! - I am so very desperate and out of funds so a nice work around would be preferable but not essential !

I have installed the following; (Blood-Sweat & Very many tears to obtain!)

4 GB x 12 DDR3 1333mhz Ram
2 x Intel Xeon 5650 CPU's
1 x Nvidia 1 GB (GDDR2) Graphics Card
4 x 30 GB Corsair SSD's (To be put into RAID-0 when this machine starts-up!!)
{NB - Ram & CPU's are directly found on the 'Qualified Vendors Lists' or 'Tested Components Lists' of my motherboard}

Apparently I read somewhere that someone who had known about this P14 PSU connector said that the motherboard wont boot or even post without this connector connected to the motherboard ?!? Could anyone confirm this ???

I am extremely desperate to get this setup working, I am quite proficient in creating my own cables but can't find ANY reference online to what the power voltages are for each individual cable going into the P14 Aux Power connector are????????
- The only place that comes close to any reference is the post on - Please please please help me on this - I will do anything you ask !!!

I really need to get this system working and if someone could either;

*- let me know what voltage each of the 4 coloured wires are (Recommended !!!) or
*- recommend a power supply that will work with my motherboard (Intel S5520SC) or
*- ANY work-around I can do, please please please, ANYTHING !!!

I couldn't find any power supply that's been tested on my motherboard like the same way we are all able to check if ram is qualified to work with the motherboard, I haven't been able to, again, find any reference to what power supply is best suited for my hardware even on the product page (below) but please please please if I have overlooked it can one of you "Computer-Jedi-Masters" please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeese put me out of my misery and let me know which specific PSU will power up my workstation motherboard !!!

oh and please if you do show me a link to an affordable psu, any chance of searching the most cheapest 1st please please!

I cannot emphasize enough, how much I will be eternally grateful for all your help (as always here on!!!) given and if I can do anything in MY power to come to your aid - I WILL see that it be done!

I'm always helping others out when it comes to desktops and laptops and am on yahoo as well as tomshardware with this last hurdle, but got nothing yet (this time I didn't come here 1st, dumb-a**), passed the A-Plus course (computer maintenance & repair) {I know this qualification is only entry-level & doesn't make me an expert!} and I have been humbly fixing friends and family's computers for a number of years for free (but excluding cost of parts if any) but now I am in need of some expert help so all you Computer-Jedi-Masters out there - please help !
{NB - as I was un-aware of my fault at this point, a mistake I will not be doing again as I have now been corrected that this is wrong to do something called cross-posting and have been told off for doing such an action and will NOT be doing that again & I sincerely apologise if it has offended anyone}

Many many many humble thanks are in advance,


Previous Discussion was the "Quest to Build an Almost-Future-Proof PC - Need Help with Parts - Please!"
- I'm Ba-ack with more impossibilities ! - lol

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You should be able to fit any PSU to your system...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

But you will need this connector to make it all work:

Hope everything works out for you.
Please post back if you have any more problems we will helps as much as we can.

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What Experience do you have in the IT Industry ?

by offtherails2010 In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

Sorry to sound negative here but i trawl through so very very many forums seeking help and giving it in other area's but your link has infuriated me to the point that my blood is flash-boiling in its veins.

MY question clearly states and i QUOTE:
" 4 wires that are present in the 5 pin connector "

~ 3rd Paragraph Down.


This must be the 2nd time i have seen you reply with advice linked to a webpage that shows an internal power connector with A 6-PIN CONNECTOR. The exact same webpage - that i have NEVER seen before till your TWO posts.

Now, either you have not learnt a thing since you gave the exact same answer TWO years ago at:

Where the same advice from you was given and a link to the exact same webpage offering the exact same internal power connector.

My questions are:

- Have you used this connector to connect to a server 'P14' connector on a server motherboard personally??? (However IMPOSSIBLE as what your link is showing compared to the P14 connector ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT as the connectors are different as SATA is to IDE) - PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE - I'LL SAY THAT AGAIN - PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

- What leads you to believe that an old AT form factor 6 PIN power connector would fit in a 5 PIN motherboard socket ?

& Why haven't you learnt that this is WRONG/INCORRECT/INCOMPATIBLE ?

Honestly. The whole point of forums is to share knowledge; i have learnt what i have for free, so i share it for free:- AS LONG AS ITS CORRECT.

I do not answer posts that i have NO knowledge about OR i don't GUESS at answering questions.

MY QUESTION also 'clearly shows' a link to a PHOTOGRAPH of a P14 power connector (~ after 3rd Paragraph) so unless you have been too courageous to see the photo and act upon a judgement after you have seen evidence of what the question pertains to, then if i were you, I'd seriously have to take a look at my analytical skills and try to improve them as your answer has been given without due-care-or-attention to obvious detail.

I'm shocked that you use the; Ready, Fire, Aim, way of providing answers. This is not fair on the readers as someone may stumble upon this question seeking a similar or same line of help and if their eye is untrained, they will have been gullible enough to go out and buy the completely useless cable you referred to in your link.

Why would you do such a thing ???

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You might try...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

tempering your proverbial tongue there offtherails2010. :-) That said, I wonder if your googling skills have led you to this wherein the author discusses the use of 2 different PSUs (neither of which are cheap by any means) 1.) and 2.) . The plug you mention is indeed an "Aux. Power Signal". The manual for this board ( ) makes no mention of the necessary use of this plug, nor does the article I posted above. However, further reading into the forum associated with said article will reveal 2 more links where PSUs equipped with the plug you speak of are available. These aren't cheap either.

Now, I wonder how much I risk being chastised by yourself for not doing YOUR homework in a suitable amount of detail to please you. Get off of the caffeine man.

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Reponse To Answer

by offtherails2010 In reply to You might try...

ok ok so that may have been a bit much on my part... apologies for that.

But it wasnt a case of getting my homework done for me, the part offered was totally incompatible to the question. Thats all, but anyhoo no damage done and apologies all the same.

Thanks for the heads up on the hardware heaven website, i'd booked marked that one a few weeks ago although i did miss the two psu reviews, now i know what to save up for and aim for!

P.S. How'd you know bout me caffeine problem ?!? is it that obvious ? lol

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by IcebergTitanic In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

(Text removed because I didn't click the picture link first...)

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Reponse To Answer

by offtherails2010 In reply to Doh

ha hahaa lmao ;-)

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P14 aux power

by groenegrasmat In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

Hi not sure if you still have this problem but the P14 aux power provides I2C monitors to the powersupply. You cannot make a converter but you don't need it either. I use regular Antec PSU's with Intel boards without problems.

1 - CLK - White
2 - DAT - Yellow
3 - NC
4 - GND - Black
5 - 3,3V Sense - Orange

Ones I had this exact problem ( with an Intel board. The problem turned out to be a short-out by a standoff in the wrong place. This particular standoff was placed underneath the A/B memory banks.

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