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Server Class Board needing Special 'P14' connector -To ALL Computer-JEDI's-

By offtherails2010 ·
Hello and good day, I am back with another problem with my hair-brained scheme to take over the world, again, and as usual am probably asking for the impossible to happen but there has been not one forum on the internet that has a solution to this problem apart from buying a server based-PSU...

I am desperate to find out if anyone has an old server power supply that has this 'P14 - Auxilliary Power' connector and if it shows on the power supply what the voltages are for the 4 wires that are present in the 5 pin connector (white, yellow, empty, black, orange) as i now have an Intel Workstation Board S5520SC and am extremely desperate to get it working.

- P14 PSU Connector (Server PSU)

- Previous thread where this topic comes close {but No Cigar!} is here:-

please please please would anyone be able to help even if it seems you have had a similar board in the past and can remember a thing or two about where i can get the psu or more importantly, what the specific power voltages are of the 4 wires of the P14 connector! - i am so very desperate and out of funds so a nice work around would be preferable but not essential !

i have installed the following; (Blood-Sweat & Very many tears to obtain!)

4 GB x 12 DDR3 1333mhz Ram
2 x Intel Xeon 5650 CPU's
1 x Nvidia 1 GB (GDDR2) Graphics Card
4 x 30 GB Corsair SSD's (To be put into RAID-0 when this machine starts-up!!)
{NB - Ram & CPU's are directly found on the 'Qualified Vendors Lists' or 'Tested Components Lists' of my motherboard}

I am extremely desperate to get this setup working, i am quite profficient in creating my own cables but cant find ANY reference online to what the power voltages are for each individual cable going into the P14 Aux Power connector are????????
- The only place that comes close to any reference is the post on - Please please please help me on this - i will do anything you ask !!!

I really need to get this system working and if someone could either;

*- let me know what voltage each of the 4 coloured wires are (Recommended !!!) or
*- recommend a power supply that will work with my motherboard (Intel S5520SC) or
*- ANY work-around i can do, please please please, ANYTHING !!!

I couldn't find any power supply thats been tested on my motherboard like the same way we are all able to check if ram is qualified to work with the motherboard, i haven't been able to, again, find any reference to what power supply is best suited for my hardware even on the product page (below) but please please please if i have overlooked it can one of you "Computer-Jedi-Masters" please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeese put me out of my misery and let me know which specific PSU will power up my workstation motherboard !!!

oh and please if you do show me a link to an affordable psu, any chance of searching the most cheapest 1st please please!

I cannot emphasize enough, how much i will be eternally greatful for all your help (as always here on!!!) given and if i can do anything in MY power to come to your aid - I WILL see that it be done!

I'm always helping others out when it comes to desktops and laptops and am on yahoo as well as tomshardware with this last hurdle, but got nothing yet (this time i didnt come here 1st, dumb-a**), passed the A-Plus course (computer mainenance & repair) {i know this qualification is only entry-level & doesnt make me an expert!} and i have been humbly fixing friends and family's computers for a number of years for free (but excluding cost of parts if any) but now i am in need of some expert help so all you Computer-Jedi-Masters out there - please help !

Many many many humble thanks are in advance,


Previous Discussion was the "Quest to Build an Almost-Future-Proof PC - Need Help with Parts - Please!"
- I'm Ba-ack with more impossibilities ! - lol

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We don't usually encourage cross-posting, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

you might want to repost this in the 'Q&A' forum too (if you haven't already :-) )

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major apologies

by offtherails2010 In reply to We don't usually encourag ...

i am so sorry and i didn't know what i had done was not allowed, usually i trust my better judgement and come here for help as my 1st port of call.

I am not new to forums but as i have messed up with this incident i offer my sincerest apologies and will make sure this will NOT happen again, even though i am extremely desperate for this line of help, if i have offended anyone by my actions then i am truely sorry and will assure you all that i will see this as a slap on the wrist - please dont delete my account - im getting worried now, i always try to help others with my knowledge as i have got it or learnt it for free so i believe its only prudent to share my knowledge for free to others.

I really need my account with - if you are a moderator, please please please don't terminate my account, i will probably need to refresh my knowledge of your terms and conditions as ive only just started using this account again.

Once again i humbly apologise for cross-posting and hopefully i will be able to make amends in the future.

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No offense intended, none taken.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to major apologies

Don't worry about it. I'm not a moderator, just another member like you; and you haven't broken any rules. Your post isn't out of place in either Discussions or Q&A forums. You haven't even done anything offensive enough to be worth bringing to the attentions of the moderators via the 'Flag' button.

Now go have cold one and some pizza. I hope you find your part!

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Well I don't have a clue what P14 is because this is generic

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

To the PS not the M'Board.

However you can find the Intel Service Guide here for this M'Board.

But if this is an Axillary Power Connector it should be possible to run the M'Board without it being connected. The Board Layout is shown on Page 4 of this manual and shows the Axillary Power Connector as a 8 Pin Dual In Line Header Strip which would be supported by one of the Antec like the EA 750 which has a 8 Pin Axillary 12 V DC Connector as shown here

Also for this M'Board you should use Matched Sets of RAM and if you have 2 CPU's fitted you need to populate both RAM Banks which appear to be 2 Lots of 3 in each RAM Bank. So you effectively have Triple Chanel Memory for each CPU. So if you have 2 CPU's fitted you need at least 3 X 3 RAM Modules in each CPU RAM Socket Set which is a minimum of 6 RAM Modules.

I'm not sure what you are calling P14 as it's not a M'Board Description and Honestly Intel Server Boards are not the best to try to use the first time you work with a Server Board they expect you to know what it is you are doing and do not describe the way to work with these M'Boards all that well. You would be better off starting with something like a Tyan Server Board which has a better Destruction Manual.

However if you would like to post back with which which Socket as shown on the M'Board layout you are asking about or even look on the Antec Site they will give you the Pin Outs of their Plugs.

Also you may be able to source a suitable PS on the Corsair PS Finder here

Though as Corsair mainly supply for Desktops they may not have an offering for Xeon CPU Based M'Boards.


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P14 PSU Connector link...!

by offtherails2010 In reply to Well I don't have a clue ...

Firstly i must thank you for your advice as it all makes sense and i have no knowledge in this field - so much appreciated for the response & thank you !

The link below is for what the so-called 'P14' connector looks like, its a 5 pin plug but only has 4 wires going to it (More-or-less, looking exactly like the cd to motherboard/soundcard cable ):

P14 socket on my motherboard (Enlarge Step 6 and its figure 'A' that shows where it goes on my motherboard!)

As far as the ram is concerned, i have filled up both sets of 6 slots (All 12 DDR3 Slots) with ram directly found on my motherboards tested hardware list so that isnt really my worry as the elusive 'P14' psu power connector - although saying that, i understand that the bios will definitely need updating either in 2 jumps or small jumps as i dont want to mess this board up, but thank you for letting me know about the matched sets of ram - unfortunately if you mean matched as in, surgically matched down to the almost/exact timings, then no, i had just bought 12 sticks of DDR3 1333Mhz kingston ram from an online retailer but completely forgot about the need to have them matched (ohhhhh sugar...maybe trouble ahead...)

Also i would have loved to use an easier motherboard and have been checking out some tyan boards but unfortunately i am totally out of funds & have recently become mobility-impaired so had to cease employment until my leg gets fixed so i dont have much of an income coming in anymore and hence cannot really buy a server psu for 250 ish ($400 ish) so i will be canabalising this desktop that i am currently using - psu from this will be put into my new machine and i have 2 EPS CPU connectors to go to the system board but am hesitant to do so until i am confident that it will work as once i start canabalising this desktop i am using, i will need the 4 SSD's in raid-0 config and the psu but i want to make doubly sure that the operation will work or i risk destroying the raid array for this pc which means i'd have to install everything all over again.

Please check out the picture at the beginning of this post and let me know your thoughts on that - also the quick-start link for my motherboard p14 connector, if it is as you say - that i wont really need to have this connected then i will probably go ahead with the operation but not without requesting help & advice from far-more knowledgeable people like yourself on this community of tech-republican's ! Also i do understand that no-one would be liable for anything as i'll be doing this of my own free will and all that jazz so just to be clear on that one too. It would just be a bit easier and more confident that i'd definately be able to boot up into the bios of this intel board i have!

Once again - i thank you immensely for all your words of wisdom in this matter,
Best regards,


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Well I could be very wrong here but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to P14 PSU Connector link... ...

In the Quick Start Guide it???s called an Auxiliary Signal Power Detail so I think you???ll find it???s not from the Power Supply but goes to a warning device type display or a Redundant Power Supply.

Also if you think you can move a RAID Array from 1 system to another it???s not going to work. You are going to have to reinstall everything from the OS up when you get this M???Board working.

You should also take note of this warning about the required PS in the Service Guide

A minimum of 670 W is recommended, or decide your system power supply capacity using the Intel?? Power
Budget Tool. Your supply must provide a minimum of 3 A of 5-V standby current or the board will not boot.

That would be a minimum required not a Max recommended. Anyway that Socket isn???t mentioned in the Service Guide so I would ignore it to begin with.


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Thanks a million again!

by offtherails2010 In reply to Well I could be very wron ...

Yaa - i think i will try again to put my psu into the new machine - i only have an OCZ stealth extreme I 650Watt PSU so its slightly under the recommemnded specs and ive got an extra EPS to 2 Molex's cable for the secondary cpu power connector on the motherboard - i would be extremely happy if this works but i'd definately have to consider getting hold of a cleaner psu like the 80-Plus certified ones, but i have a problem trying to use the Intel Power Budget Tool ? My office 2007 keeps saying theres a problem with macros and/or macros are disabled and i have now given up with that after a reinstall of office and still no dice...damn it.

for the raid array, yes, your right i would lose the array by moving it but i didnt want to lose my only working os in the house unless i was better reasurred that me plan would work! lol

I have an ocz stealth extreme 650 Watts psu, i know its just under the minimum requirement and wondered if i could wing-it with this psu whilst i save up for a bigger wattage psu which is going to take 2 or 3 bloody months - maybe even longer!

i have all my ram slots filled (12 x 4GB), both cpu sockets populated and an aging GDDR2 1GB graphics card (1 x PCI-E power connector) all requiring power, do you think i'll be able to roughly get away with that ?!?

Anyhoo, i'll definitely keep you posted - i will be trying the psu either tomorrow, friday or after the weekend!

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I hate this new design

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server Class Board needin ...

I can not reply without switching browsers, it's driving me nuts.

Anyway provided that the Power Rating of the PS is large enough it should be OK though if something goes wrong with even a slightly overloaded PS it could pass nasties onto the M'Board and fry it.

How are you going for a case for that M'Board? Most of those are bigger than the Standard AT Boards and do not fit a AT Case. I have a couple of Intel Server Boards here all Dual Xeon's and I'm having trouble finding suitable cases that are not rack mounted that Intel Supplies. Antec has stopped making a Server Case and finding something suitable isn't that easy.

Anyway the main problem with that PS is that it's Rated for a Peek Loading not a Constant Draw you may have issues though just the M'Board, CPU's and so on will not be that much of a draw the problems start when you start adding HDD's and other things that eat power like there is no tomorrow.


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New Found Line of Cases !

by offtherails2010 In reply to I hate this new design

Thanks again for the heads up on the psu, your advice is extremely appreciated!

I also use multiple browsers and have 2 graphics cards and have installed 4 monitors of varying sizes to stop this darn switching! its very handy and multitasking is extremely efficient - i advise you to get more screens! (although you already knew that and i now feel like im telling the Teacher how to do his own job - apologies there! lol)

After weeks of trawling through specification upon specification, weeks of nit-picking, i had found a company that still produces computer cases that can house the SSI form factor for server mobo's without having to buy an intel one...
As they hold the monopoly with that one, that had flash-boiled my blood so my search started!

Anyhoo, the link below is to thier product and spec pages - as you've helped me out quite alot i feel its only right i do the same!


I picked thier TJ05 case as it can take a SSI-EEB mobo, as i understand it, the SSI-CEB is the smallest of the server mobo's followed by the SSI-EEB, then finally the largest is the SSI-MEB server mobo form factor.

I know most of these Towers will definitely fit the SSI-CEB & SSI-EEB server form factors but have not checked if any of them will take the SSI-MEB form factor ?!?

Initially you may like to snoop around on their 'Towers' section but i can assure you that ive searched for a very long time and only found this one company still constantly and consistantly producing more and more cases for our specific needs but i am still on the hunt for more manufacturers for server based mobo's and will send you a message in the future when i unearth more!

There is a large selection of quite nicely built cases at SilverStone, FULL metal (chunky) front panels of the cases (instead of the cheap & horrible, tacky & cheap injection moulded plastic that tower cases usually come with), very good construction and superb air flow in mind with these cases and the best part in all this is the PRICE !!!
It only cost me just under ??100 ($160) and i have found that very economical (not like the stupid and unholy prices of the intel specific cases which start at ??300 {$480} which really infuriated me in the 1st place!).

My last question is what would be a good server mobo that i could track down thats a little easier to use that mine {Intel S5520SC} (as im new to using and understanding these server mobo's)

Thanks again in advance!

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