Server connection freezes

By ben2025 ·
When I try and connect to our server, either by remote desktop, shared folder, or run command, it locks up for about 5 minutes. The weird thing is this happens intermittently, one second it pops right opens others it freezes. Now it does seem the more the office is populated the more it happens. I have watched the processes, network, and performance from task manager when this happens, the processes don?t change system idle still is at about 90 percent, the performance stays about the same, and the network stays the same until the window finally opens and then it will have a huge spike. We do have a print server and live backups on the server but I don?t see how that would affect it with a freeze, to me that would just make things slower.
I have updated the NIC drivers, memory, and MS server 2003 software.
Does anyone know what else I can check or is there software I could use to monitor this?

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firmware updates.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Server connection freezes

Also when was the last time the server was rebooted....? It could just need to be purged...

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Another check

by Jacky Howe In reply to Server connection freezes

Make sure that DNS is set up properly on your Server and it points to itself, and also make sure that the Client is looking for the Server, for it's primary DNS.
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