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Server Cooling Solution for Small Business?

By Lethy ·
What cheap, yet effective cooling solutions are there available for servers for a small business?

Keep in mind, I don't mean a small 100 employee business but rather 10 full time employees. The place is based out of is an ex-residential unit outfitted for the business. As with any small business, there wasn't any real consideration for IT needs when the place was fitted. The organisation is getting its first real in-house server and all rooms within the unit are already in use, meaning the server must live nicely in office space, with humans, where the existing switch is. The organisation follows a policy of turning off PCs and air-conditioning out of hours and in the Australian summer, the unit easily heats up past 35 degrees celcius and exceeding the maximum operating ambient temperature for the server.

Now I can convince them of leaving the air-conditioner on, but the humans may not want the room as cool as I want it for the server and it's difficult to ensure that no one has turned it off. Are there any other cheap, yet effective cooling solutions for a small business where the budget is extremely limited?

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This is something that I do all the time

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Server Cooling Solution f ...

If you can add some extra case fans to the server that should cure your problem.

Remember that if you can keep the airflow up the internals don't get Hot Enough to do any damage. That's the simple answer here.

However on the down side if you have a dusty environment it's going to suck much more dust and other rubbish into the unit in question.

Make sure that all the Heat Sinks have Active Fans on them and that there are no passive Heat sinks involved and let it rip. I have one Quad Processor Server in a Donga that is locked up after Hours and has the AC turned off. So far I haven't had a problem with it yet and it's been in place for about 2.5 years now. Though to be fair I have big UPS's on every machine involved at that place. I'm from Brisbane so we get both the Heat and Humidity here and so far none of my servers has died from overheating or a build up of humidity.


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Server cooling

by dpaulhewak In reply to Server Cooling Solution f ...

I see and hear alot of those complaints.
If I told you there was a unit you could connect to your server and bring the CPU temp down to approx -35c.
Would you be interested to test this unit?
I would like to ask how much down time a month the server causes.

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Chip Cooling

by dpaulhewak In reply to Server Cooling Solution f ...

Hi Lethy, regarding your request of cooling for small business servers. Have you ever heard of Vapor chip cooling. I have developed a unit that cools the standard PC from 40c to -40c. My company is looking to expand from information from companies like yours to implement effective solutions.
You can e-mail for more information.

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Its all about air flow...

by The B_rad H In reply to Server Cooling Solution f ...

Like Hal, we also experience the hot and humid conditions on the sunshine coast (just north of Brisbane).
We also have lots of clients who do just this. We try and make sure there is LOTS of airflow meaning not just internal fans but lots of flow around the box/rack. Clients seem to love putting servers in corners and tight cramped areas and this is a no-no.

And lastly we recommend installing a wall hung reverse cycle split system air conditioner. Sometimes they go for it, sometimes they dont. Anything that helps take the edge off particularly during the day is better than nothing.

I hope it all goes well for you.


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same problem...

by msft In reply to Server Cooling Solution f ...

hey there mate,

our company is up in Brisbane and we have the same problem..around 35 degree heats too. what we have done is basically, monday to friday during business hours we have the air con on and at the same time, we have six-fan fan tray in our cabinet and about 4-6 fans internally. Keeps the heat down real well inside the box

cheers, hope you get a good cooling solution

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Server room - cooling system alternative

by JT In reply to same problem...

Hey everybody,

I'm from Malaysia and our temperature is as hot as 35degree C. We have a server room with a split-unit AC but the we are charge $7.50per hour to maintenance of AD effective Jan 08. So far the server is on 7x24 and with the maintenance rate it is a huge expenses. We have also tried using fan during power failure but it can't sustain for long.

Any suggestions?

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