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I've got another question. I want to write a windows server and a web server from scratch, like desingning and programming the server from a clean slate on my stand alone PC, so i want to know if it's possible to do so? if yes which tools do you recommend?

secondly kindly send me links or information that could help me with the coding and designing.

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Amos T. Madonsela

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OK you've lost me here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server development

What exactly do you want to code/write here?

A outline for deploying Windows Based Servers or the actual OS itself?

If it is the OS itself yes it is possible to write it as M$ has as well as the Unix and it's derivatives but this is not something that is done lightly or easily.


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I wish I had that much free time.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Server development

Writing an operating system is a huge task on a modern PC, just talking to the hardware would require a huge amount of indepth knowledge, chnage once pice of kit on it and you are back a square one.

Way way to big for someone asking the question.
Start simple a PIC micro or an 8 bit or something. Coding is going to be assembler or C/Pascal at the highest, for bootstrapping, loading the os itself.

A webserver well that's a bit more achievable, you need to find out how they work now, HTTP, HTML.

Either way first thing you need to do is read, a lot.

This is going to sound brutal but the fact that you came on here and asked the question means you don't have a prayer at the moment.

I've been coding for over thirty years, and I'd have to spend six months to a year, just come up with a vague plan.

If insist on jumping in at the deepend, look up lilo or grub, MBR, bootstrapping, TinyLinux might give you a lot of clues.
on the OS front to start getting a handle in the issues.

Webserverwise, Apache is a bit big, but there at least used to be savant and nginx, again get a feel for the basics.

Have fun.

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may as well re-invent the wheel too

by computechdan In reply to Server development

i seriously doubt that either could be done by a single person on a stand alone pc

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