Server Domain Problem. User's Files do not update

By rciafardone ·
Hi, I need help with a problem.
My server runs on MS Windows Server 2003 with a domain. I have both W2K and XP clients, 1 of my users can?t update his files, e.g.: He opens an excel book, edits it and saves it. Next day He opens the file and is the same as the day before the editing. Of course he looses the work. The thing is that his account seams to be configured exactly like everyone else?s, yet is the only one presenting the problem.
What can be the origin of the problem? Where should I look? Even a way to just transfer his whole data to a new fresh error free account in a transparent way to the user would be an acceptable solution (heck even a non transparent one, as long as his data remains). Thank you in advance for any help you may provide

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first thought

by lowlands In reply to Server Domain Problem. Us ...

would be to verify that the user is really saving the files in the expected location. For example, he might be opening the file from the network, but saving them locally on his/her PC.

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Sadly is done

by rciafardone In reply to first thought

Yea, that was my first thought too, but no, they save in MY DOCUMENTS as shown by the system, they are not forcing the saving to be one the local disk. If they did the local vertion of the file would be locaded, yet only the OLD version if everywhere both localy and on the server.

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