Server Enclosures - What does one look for?

By jolson ·
The school I work for is on an extremely tight budget, but I keep nagging that it's not good for our 3 servers to be sitting out in the open where anything could happen to them, that we need a server room. Alas, there is no room, but I did get offered a corner of a REALLY warm interior room.

I need to get an enclosure for the servers, but I'm not sure what I need, I'm not used to working without a pre-built server room.

So my question is: What do I need?

I'm looking at an enclosure that will fit 3 tower type servers and keep them at a safe temperature.

The enclosure needs to be at least 42U tall and 19" wide, 25" deep.

Since I can't control the temperature of the room, I know I'll need cooling, will air cooled be enough, or do I need an air conditioned enclosure? If so how many BTU?


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Re: Server Enclosures - What does one look for?

by NMohan In reply to Server Enclosures - What ...

By any chance, were you able to find a solution to this problem? I have a similar issue with a client, and would appreciate any relevant information.


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