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    Server, external storage devices, NAS or SAN


    by vjsimon ·

    I am an IT consultant in a small charitable organization. I have a request from my superior to improve the IT infrastructure within the organization to meet the demands of the company’s growth. I need advise on whether to get a server, an external storage device or any other form of hardware to meet our needs.

    We would be using the hardware for storage of files from individual users with their own username and password to login to the hardware. There would also be a common shared folder where users can store and retrieve commonly used documents. The hardware should also be able to support our in-house software by being the central storage area for the database(similar to a CMS software). Each user will have a client software installed into their computers and the database will have to be updated in the hardware whenever anybody edits or adds data into it from their workstations. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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      This really depends on what is currently in use

      by oh smeg ·

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      If everything is supported by Windows then a Windows 2003 Server of some description will suit your needs.

      If you are using some Open Source Application them you need to look at a Server loaded with a compatible Open Source Product that supports your current software.
      As for where you get these that also depends on what is available where you live & work you can look at a Dell, HP or so on or a White Box from a Specialist Server Provider or Company who supports Business.

      The White Box Products tend to be better hardware for the price but not everyone can give the same level of support that the Big Makers offer. So here you need to look at what is available and what Service Backup is Offered. Don’t look at just the Length of the Warranty but also the time that it takes to get replacement parts as it’s no good having a 25 Year Guarantee if you need to wait 6 months for replacement parts. The shortest amount of Downtime that you can get will suit your needs best.


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