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Server Fan Noise

By RajGitaa ·
I just read the article on fan noise. While it mentions PC fan noise, it doesn't address server fan noise.

We've had some problems with this. Our server "room" is a large cubicle with little circulation. The (HP) servers are rather noisy, causing users to complain. Should we oil the fans, or is this just the nature of the beast? HP suggested that they (fans) might be working harder because of the conjested area.

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Server Fan Noise

by sgt_shultz In reply to Server Fan Noise

well, it is possible to oil the power supply fans by disassembling them (not recommended)but on a server i would replace them instead. of course, you have vacuumed the air intakes and the fans themselves...and checked to see the fans look intact andthat the bearings on the fans are not heating up...i didn't read the fan noise article so apologies if i am repeating suggestions...

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Server Fan Noise

by djent In reply to Server Fan Noise

Dirt accumulation can cause unbalanced condition and noise or failure. clean fans and replace if still noisy.

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Server Fan Noise

by JustAnAdmin In reply to Server Fan Noise

Server fans are generally (and almost always) considerably noisier than their workstation counterparts. If you are running multiple servers in this cubicle, the noise of several servers combined will definitely be annoying to those nearby.

That being said, it is also possible that you are having problems with some of them. Is this noise a "normal" whirring sound, but just louder than regular pc's, or are there other noises from the fans. If the noise isn't a consistent "whir", I would look more into the possibility of fan problems.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!

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Server Fan Noise

by Oz_Media In reply to Server Fan Noise

My Proliant servers sound like they are about to taxi for takeoff !!
To me, it is the sound of power and I love it, but to others it is just noise.
With COmpaq, there is a Power Management feature that will control fan speeds according to temperature. I found this cut the noise down by well over 50%. I'm not sure about your HP but it is worth checking to see if a similar utility is provided by HP.
NOTE: I would not recommend using a third party app to do this becuase you may fry your server if not sufficiently cooled, only use an HP recommended solution.
I also built a new server room and had the HVAC people set it to be 2 degrees cooler than the rest of the building.

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Server Fan Noise

by TheChas In reply to Server Fan Noise

The article on fan noise and lubrication is a way to get a bit more life out of a PC.
Oiling the fan bearing ONLY reduces bearing noise, not air-flow noise.

Most PC fans are picked for their air-flow and cost, not noise level.

Check the physical size and CFM rating of your fans, and take a look in a major fan manufactures catalog.
Nidec / Torin,

Select a fan of at least the same CFM rating with a lower noise level.

While new fans won't make things whisper quiet, they can significantly reduce the amount of noise.


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