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    Server Farms?


    by malaki ·

    I have looked on the internet, and tried many other sources to try and understand this concept. I was wondering if anyone could help me out further. I am wondeing what exactly a server farm is, how it works, the hardware I will need, etc. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.


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      Server Farms?

      by syscokid ·

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      A server farm is a group of computers acting as servers and housed together in a single location. A server farm is sometimes called a server cluster.

      There’s more info here:

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      Server Farms?

      by amieveryours ·

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      Server farm is where 2 or more servers cluster to work together. Clustering can be hardware base or software base. Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise version has free clustering software. What it does is both servers provide a service and if one gets overloaded then the other one take over to balance the load. Or if one of the server fail then the other one will take over and provides the services that the failed one provided. with clustering, taking a server down for repair will not disturb the network services that server provide. Microsoft have the white paper on how to set it up in the NT Enterprise section of their website. But must be using Enterprise Edition to be able to use clustering. Or windows 2000 advanced server will do too.

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