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Server Fax program to auto send faxes

By avraham ·
I would like a server based fax program to automatically send faxes, without interaction, from a windows accounting application. I.E. the user says print all statements to the fax program, and then the server faxes out all the statements without anyuser interaction

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Server Fax program to auto send faxes

by BudTheGrey In reply to Server Fax program to aut ...

Unless your accounting application explicity has fax integration, I don't think you can do what you want (at least, not as stated). There's two reasons. First, the fax program has to know who to send the fax to -- not just a name, but thier fax number. It will need to be "taught" where that data is. Secondly, fax servers that follow the "print to fax" method generally need each fax to be a separate print job. It is very likely that your accounting app doesn't do this, and that it treats the statement run as one big print job.

Some Fax Servers support "drop directories", where you can put a file to be faxed, with the destination information embedded in metacodes like '@@FAX555-1212@@'. Again, your accounting app has to give you a mechanism for creating these files.

Most fax programs (be they stand-alone or fax servers), do support some type of mail merge function to send out a bunch of faxes to different people. If your accounting application can create a source data file (csv or the like), you might be able to do some creative work with a word processor to send the statements as a mail merge job.


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