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I am planning to open an internet cafe. I need help for choosing the server for the computer I'll be running.

I am a computer repairman before this, I know computer hardware, I am a gamer & overclocker also. I know little bit about setting up a home network.

I have google some idea of setting up an internet cafe. I need help about the server for all my PC's.

I will be running 20 PC's as a start, 2 printers & 2 gaming console. What i have learn so far, all the PC's will be connected to a switch (24port) via RJ45, and workstation PC will also connected to the same switch. So, the internet for ISP will be distributed by the switch & the workstation PC will be a server & controller for all 20 PC's.

I found 2 configuration on the web. The first 1 will be the server & workstation are the same PC like I describe above, the other setting are, server & workstation are 2 different PC.

I need to know which one is the better setting & what software to be use as a server OS. I have learn little bit about windows server & ubuntu server. I know windows & ubuntu as I have use them both. How much different between normal OS & server OS.


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