Server gets Address when rebooting

By Cudmasters Los ·
I have a TS and DC. My TS uses the DC as DNS. When the servers restart, they get an ip address of i have a 1800 series cisco router.

i have to do a route delete for the first on the DC and TS to get the internet back. this is what it looks like. is the TS and is the router. This is the ipconfig

NetworkDestination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric Onlink 266 266 On-link 266 On-link 266

there is more, thought this might be enough.

any thoughts


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is this on your 1800?

by CG IT In reply to Server gets Addre ...

your DC and TS ought to have static addresses.

If your configuring your 1800 static default gateway route, should be: XXXX where XXXX is next hop router]or exit interface

if you can't ping the next hop router the static gateway of last resort won't show up in the route table. but will show up in the running config.

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Static Addresses

by Cudmasters Los In reply to is this on your 1800?

they do. one is .3 and the other is .4

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so if they have static addresses, where are you seeing

by CG IT In reply to Static Addresses ???

if you run an ipconfig/all on the machines, should show static addresses. NICs don't simply reconfigure themselves.

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first post

by Cudmasters Los In reply to so if they have static ad ...

on my first post is what i see. The problem is that there is two, the first one says onlink, the second gives the gateway. i have to do a delete route to get rid of the onlink, then it works.

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still not getting where you see the

by CG IT In reply to first post

one sees that in Cisco routing tables as the gateway of last resort route or default gateway route.

if your 1800 is changing it's gateway of last resort, then there is another device that is sending route updates to your 1800 saying that the gateway of last resort is onlink.

when you create a static route for gateway of last resort or default gateway, the syntax is: [next hop router] or exit interface [such as ethernet 0/0] and you have to be able to ping the next hop router for the route to work.

So I would look to see if your 1800 is allowing route updates via your WAN interface if you use a routing protocol like RIP.

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