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Server grade pc vs pc desktop

By elorzano ·
Hi, just want to ask whether anyone here know of any site, research, whitepaper or survey results about servers and a desktop comparing their availability, use etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Hit the manufactures web sites

by jdclyde In reply to Server grade pc vs pc des ...

I have had great experiences with IBM servers.

The systems work really well, and the support if right on top of things. I don't have to talk to Mohomed to gets something done. They send someone on-site to replace what ever is wrong.

Just know what you want to use the server for, and that will help you decide which server to get.

I am a big fan of five small servers, one for each application, over one mongo server running them all.

If I need to work on anyone of them, only that one service is unavailable to my users.

If a server goes down, or a service "breaks", again only that one service is down.

(no, I am not getting a kickback from them for saying this.)

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