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Server Hardware Requirements

By Smart Dolphins ·
I am implementing some changes for a client, part of which is bringing in a server or two. It is undecided what the funcitons of the server would be at this point but I'm wondering what kind of specs I should be looking to get for different functions or combined functions. Possible functions: Proxy, File Server, Email hosting, PDC. There are about 50 users in total at this point(only 20ish would use it as their proxy) What kind of machine would I need to combine all these functions and would I be crazy to have one machine serve all these functions? I am considering setting this up as a part of my business and selling it to them and others in the future. Any thoughts there?

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Server Hardware Requirements

by dmiles In reply to Server Hardware Requireme ...

Here are tow options
Pentium III or Dual Xeon System,these two system specs will give you specs of a midrange server,yet configured with mother board with options for expansion.
power supply 300w
motherboard C440GX or SE440BX-2
This will take upmore space,yet you may have an idea what is comparable

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Server Hardware Requirements

by Smart Dolphins In reply to Server Hardware Requireme ...

Thanks Soul,

Everything you said was helpful but the answer was a bit brief. What did you mean in your last sentence? What about RAM, HD specs? What kind of draw are these functions taking on the server in relative terms? What do you think aboutmaking this part of my business opposed to setting it up for them?

More questions: Costs? Purchasing advice?

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