Server issue: user exceeded alloted quota

By roslevichm ·
there seems to be an epidemic on my school district's document server.. This just started today: An increasingly large number of users are hitting the max quota we've allocated for them on our one network server. Even though the warning message has been thrown, and they should be getting an "insufficient disk space" error (because the option to deny disk space is checked), they are able to still save to their network folder. Our max space per user is 1GB, but yet, upon looking at some of the sizes of the exceeded folders, I saw some with anywhere from 1.5GB all the way to 10GB.

Simultaneously today, the document server has been lagging. Users were reporting (and it was happening to the IT staff, too) that their desktops were disappearing and their computers were freezing. We believe these to be connected, but we are at a loss for why this is happening.

Does anyone know of a reason, even though the quota is set to deny disk space after the user hits a gig, why they are still allowed to save to the network drive? If so, are there specific issues that could cause this?

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Have a look at this script example.....

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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useful if dealing with mailsystems...

by roslevichm In reply to Have a look at this scrip ...

While the example made sense, our issue is not with the mail system, as the example is aimed at.

We are having issues with their network drives, and we cant figure out why. only 2% of the users who are exceeding quota actually get some error message that says "Unable to write file. make sure that the disk is not full, write protected, etc..." they can keep saving and saving, while supposedly our server is warning them about exceeding disk quota. Everything is enabled the way it should be, and yet they are still able to save their files. its a conundrum..

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