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By fuffen ·
Hello Techrepublic.
Getting to the point I have a problem with my Windows 2003 Server. We have six Servers in total, one for the back-up, one for the internet etc. However the one which keeps screwing up is the one where all personal data of all the users is stored, where all the files and back-up of everyone on the company is placed.
We have something called a shared-drive and on any computer I can connect it to that server and we add things regularly to this shared-drive to help maked everyones job easier. However something was added to this shared-drive witch the server didn't like.
Ever since then the server will crash atleast once a day sometimes even twice a day. And because everyone is connected to this server, its where they get there date from the computers got confused because all of a sudden the server has just stopped no data going in or out and every single computer freezes which makes it even more frustrating.
I know somethings not right, I've run a virus check on it, I used eset nod 32 antivirus and that didn't pick anything up. We deleted the application of the server however something is still causing it to crash so offen sometimes its as if we may as well pack our bags and go home.
We had a guy come in then to have a look at it last weekend, and he supposedly fixed it because it worked fine. Until yesterday (thursday) and the server seemed to have a different way of crashing. This time it would force all the computers to run painfully slow, some computers would crash, others would work, but be extremely slow. In the end then they would all crash and the server would go down so it has to be reset.
I've been pushed to edge somedays with this bloody server part of me wants to format the whole thing so any junk which may be causing this can be wiped from the hard-disk.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all!

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The server in questiom.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Server Issues

How much memory does it have?
Have you done a Defrag on it?
Have you cleaned it out recently (dust, fluff etc)?
How big is the drive in question (is it getting full)?
Have a look at your server log and see if you can trace the error(s).
Try a new nic card to see if it is the nic interface that is going.
Download this to clear out any crap:

Save it, install it, run it.

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Well assuming that the Hardware tests OK

by OH Smeg In reply to Server Issues

And that the system is not in the fault condition with something failing, I wouldn't hesitate I would wipe the HDD/s with a Utility like Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc

and reload the system in the same configuration as it is now. I would however limit the recovery to Plain File Copies of the Users Data from the Backup and not use a Recovery Option to rebuild the server. If it's been backed up since the problem has started you are likely to restore the problem.

When things have got this bad it's less costly to rebuild from bare metal than to attempt to repair. You need to forget about what the tech Charges as that is only a small part of the costs incurred by using this system in a failing condition. Lost Production and customers are far more costly than saving a few $ attempting to repair something like this.


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