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    Server licensing and client access


    by badu ·

    I’m currently getting the following error message on my server:

    Source: LicenseService
    Event ID 201
    No license was available for user domain\user using product MSExchangeIS.

    Source: Application Popup
    Event ID: 26
    Application popup: License Warning: License usage for a product licensed in per server mode has exceeded the maximum number of licenses purchased and will prohibit further licenses from being granted. Consult the Application event log, or License Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more information.

    I’ve found the following on Microsoft website:

    I still haven’t managed to resolve this issue.
    The weird thing is that when I look on my system information it doesn’t say that it’s a small business server but I’m still getting the error message saying that the Licensing feature is not avaiable in Small business server.Guess there’s no need to tell that I didn’t set this system up and no documentation was created for this.

    Anyone seen this before?

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      Reply To: Server licensing and client access

      by bristar ·

      In reply to Server licensing and client access

      I can only assume you checked the number of licenses available to that particular server. Just in case, here’s the steps:
      1. Click Start, and then click Small Business Server Administrator Console.
      2. Click Server Status (BackOffice Home) in the snap-in.
      3. In the right side of the console under Helpful Links, click the About link. The dialog box that appears shows the number of licenses on the server.

      If you still have plenty of licenses left compared to actual users on your network, then check for other processes that might be running and eating licenses. Especially check to make sure they close properly.

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