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    Server Location Slow Over VPN


    by nobrien1 ·

    When I connect via VPN to my company’s network, I do so without problem in terms of logging in. If I search for a server by name I am able to locate it so DNS is working OK. My problem is that it can take as much as a minute to find a server. In contrast, when I remotely connect to our email server, I can retrieve and open an email message in no more than 20 seconds. Why so long to find a server and how can I improve it?

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      by jaqui ·

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      the vpn connection has to create a secure tunnel, the pop access isn’t secure by default.

      there is no way to speed up the connection to the vpn, and remain secure.

      I would, on my own network, also target vpn connections for extra scrutiny by intrusion prevention service, as it is a weak point in network security. this would sow the connection down also.

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        Reply To: Server Location Slow Over VPN

        by nobrien1 ·

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        I appreciate your explanation but I find it non-intuitive. I have a hard time understanding why the IT industry would come up with and employ an approach that is so consumptive of resources that a simple lookup of a server takes a minute between a user on a broadband connection to a server on a leased line. Additionally, the email system that I referred to in my initial question is Lotus Notes, which establishes a reasonably secure connection of its own with multiple layers of protection. While recognizing that I’m not qualified to vouch that it is as secure as a VPN connection, it is orders of magnitude faster. Another data point in this issue is that once connected, one of the systems that can be engaged via telnet over the VPN is an older dumb terminal system. Performance with this system is comparable to being in the office. (I apologize for not including this in my first posting.) If this system performs well, why shouldn’t a simple search for a server?

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      Reply To: Server Location Slow Over VPN

      by jerry_davis ·

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      If the server is highly used it will repsond slowly to a name request. Once connected is the transfer speed to and from the server OK or is it poor as well. I manage 2 VPN servers and one is slow to respond and one is not. My higher utilized server is the slower one of the 2 but once connected it transfers data at line speed.

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