Server locks shared files after access via network

By paul ·
Ok, had a Windows 2003 server running fine. ghosted it and put it back in, all seemed fine at first.

Now, once a shared file is accessed by a workstation, or even by the server via it's own UNC the file becomes locked as if it's read only. (the Read Only tag is not set)

if we do NOT access the file via the network or UNC path, the file is perfectly accessible by the server via it's local drive eg. c:\test\testdoc.txt

we can rename it, change it, resave it, etc. but as soon as it's opened by a remote user, bang. even the server cannot access it again. it is read only.

NTFS permissions have been checked & re-checked. Sharing permissions have been checked. Everyone, Users, Administrators all have full control. Have tried sharing new folders through both my computer and the File manager console.

i suspect a corrupt SMB protocol or something like that?
any idea's anyone?

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Duplicate - pls ignore

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Server locks shared files ...
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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Server locks shared files ...

Have you checked if the option 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' is still selected in the Properties of the Local Area Network Connection of the server?

Did you create an image from the hard drive of the server - just one drive? - and then ghosted the image back to the hard drive, or just started the server normally?

Did the access to shared files on the server via UNC ever work properly after the imaging was done?

Have you checked the event logs to see if any unusual error messages are logged at any stage - at the startup or when the server is running?

Do you run an anti-virus application on the server?

You could try ghosting the image to a different box, preferably using the same MB chipset, boot it up off-line and try to access a shared file via UNC. If the problem does not occur, you should start troubleshooting the hardware of your server, the hard drive, CPU and the motherboard.

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Server locks shared files after access via network

by vsmbr In reply to Server locks shared files ...

To Paul:
Have the same problem on Windows XP workstation after migrating to a new RAID. As soon as file is accessed via network or UNC it becomes locked.
I wonder if you solved the problem you posted and what was the cause.
Thank you.

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File Lock Issue

by mlarocca In reply to Server locks shared files ...

The Most common problem is caused by McAfee Viruscan version 8.0i patch 16. Don't bother with the hot fix just update to version 8.5 which should fix the problem. I have the same issue and the update was the cure. Good Luck.
PS. Just incase you don't have a subscription you can follow these instructions.
Solution 3 - Download the reposted VirusScan 8.0i package

The VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i package with Patch 16 and the 5200 engine has been posted to the download site.
HotFix 375377 is also included in the repost package as a separate install package.

Follow these steps to download the reposted VirusScan 8.0i package:
Go to the following website:
Log on using a valid grant number.
Locate the McAfee VirusScan Security section.
Click View available downloads.
Click VirusScan Enterprise v8.0i.
Click I Agree to accept the license agreement.
Click and save it to the desired location.

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