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By minoo03 ·
Hi, I have a local server on which i need to give logins for my agents to be able to login to another server (Remote) and complete their work.
Meaning my agents will be working from home/office/cybercafe, but i need them to login to the local server, which will then let them log onto the work server which is at a remote location

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reason to do so?

by yovev In reply to Server Login

What is the reason for not connecting them directly to the second server?

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OS not specified.. Assuming it's Windows..

by cmatthews In reply to Server Login

To get better help, try to be more specific.

Do you need to control all their work apps and environment and keep the data local? If so, you could employ a Terminal server (best over VPN).

Do you want to give them remote folder access to specific files? If so, you could use a VPN solution (or use PPTP or whatever your Win Server version has). You could even use FTP, HTTPS or a free service like Dropbox).

How many agents do you have? How many are likely to be signed-on simultaneously?

If you don't have the project funds for a terminal server, you could group a few similarly configured "old-schlager" PC's together and change their RDP ports for the occasion... This is called security by obscurity...(try to use random high port numbers)
(Don't forget: Setup each with good passwords and matching port forwards on the firewall). see:
Lots of fun! - CM

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addition to cmatthews

by yovev In reply to OS not specified.. Assumi ...

It could be even better to keep default RDP port on the machines but configure the routing device to translate from one port to enother.
However, if we have more specific information on the scenario we will be able to advice you better?

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Very true..

by cmatthews In reply to addition to cmatthews

However many routers only offer a destination IP (on the LAN) but have no option for port translation or even source IP filtering. (Lately, routers seem to have lots of "sugar" on the wireless abilities but very little on routing..)
Definitely, we need more info..

(Forgive me for saying it.. but trolling can be anywhere) Was that Map USA, or Goa, India?

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Server Login

by minoo03 In reply to Very true..

Hi Guys, thanks for your views.
The reason i need to do this is i do not want the agents to know the main server as they can then directly approach the webmaster of that server and get the jobs directly.
Hence i need to route them thru my local server and then on to the main job server.

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Still no OS.. OK, so it's a web-thing..

by cmatthews In reply to Server Login

Sorry, not my area.. I suspect you're looking to do some PHP thing like Server1 doing background session authentication with your server (via radius or whatever). The jobs server would accept any authenticated worker login's. Make sure you have session time-out's so you don't open up cache-based security issues.. or maybe do it over SSL (less likely to be cached). Good luck!

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what platforms you are using?

by yovev In reply to Still no OS.. OK, so it's ...

What are the servers platforms? Both your local and the remote one?
I recently had to implement a VPN connection directly to a government agency but my equipment wasn't able to cover their requirements. So i made a connection to another location and from there to the agency. I think you have something like my scenario?

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Server Logins

by minoo03 In reply to what platforms you are us ...

Sorry Guys.
The OS on both the servers is WIN Server Entp 2003

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He reached max.. (1st said webmaster, then...)

by cmatthews In reply to what platforms you are us ...

Like I said Yovev, we got trolled..

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