Server Management

By Larbakium ·
Many of you for sure have lot's of servers to look after. I would like to know how you do this management.
I wonder if there is a tool where I can centralize all my server and check the Event viewer to checkt their status without having to get into all of them on by one.

Any tips, experience sharing?
By the way all servers are on Windows OS and One is on Linux Distro (not very important on this one)

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Since you are familiar with Linux

by shasca In reply to Server Management

Is this what you are looking for?

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Since you are familiar with Linux

by Larbakium In reply to Since you are familiar wi ...

That could be a solution but I would like to have something running on a Win box. But thanks alot for your sharing!

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Check This...

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Server Management

Check the following company they have many applications to manage & monitor everything you need.

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Remote Desktop Connection

by LocoLobo In reply to Server Management

Would Remote Desktop Connection be good enough? That's what I use, but my network is small, 6 or so servers.

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I RDC Also

by rkuhn In reply to Remote Desktop Connection

I have 15 servers and I still RDC. I do use visionapp's remote desktop product though to make the RDC sessions easier.

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by Larbakium In reply to I RDC Also

I agree with RDP and I do use it now. But I have around 17 servers and majority are serving aplications. I wonder if there would be a way of checking the Events in centralized way.. So that you dont have to remote to all of them to check if their health is ok.

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How many

by mafergus In reply to Server Management

servers are you supporting?

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servers are you supporting?

by Larbakium In reply to How many

Around 17 including VM's

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Kiwi syslog viewer

by mafergus In reply to servers are you supportin ...

Solarwinds has a suite of nice products, but they are expensive, but the Kiwi syslog viewer is free and does exactly what it is supposed to. I use it to monitor a number of devices.

Another tool you may want to look into is called the dude

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by mentora03 In reply to Server Management

I rely on spiceworks quite a bit - Its a great software and its free.

I look after approx 120 servers so the inventory function on Spiceworks is useful as I have a lot of the information on spiceworks without having to connect to the server. Also great for things like monitoring drive space. I have set it to email me whenever a a drive has less than 10% free space. Lots of other great features.

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