Server Migration - need to figure out exactly what to move

By AlexG2490 ·
Hello! The small business where I work is in the process of trying to migrate our servers over to newer boxes. A couple are remote servers in a data center that we administer through RDP, and a couple are internal servers that are in need of a hardware refresh.

I've been given the task of cataloguing what is on each server so that we can start moving them to the new servers - databases, scheduled tasks, programs, websites, everything. I'm worried about missing something and not discovering it until it's too late.

So, while I'm prepared to do a lot of the digging around manually, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any utilities that could offer a rundown of the active processes that are on the server to help double check myself or find something I might have missed. Would a utility like Belarc Advisor be appropriate, or is there a similar tool that's meant for a server OS instead of a workstation?

Thanks in advance!

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Overall most of the solutions are more work than searching manually

by robo_dev In reply to Server Migration - need t ...

Plus you do not want to mess up a working server by adding some application that could spoil your whole migration plan.

That being said, open source server inventory:

Are these Windows boxes?

Just look at add-remove programs, look at what services are running, and then scan thru the file system.

Use NMAP. For a server application to work, it needs a communication port.

Also if you do a netstat -b it shows what ports are using what specific processes.

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Reponse To Answer

by AlexG2490 In reply to Overall most of the solut ...

Thanks for the input! As you said, I still needed to do a lot of manual searching, as I expected. Going through Add/Remove programs rather than trawling the Program Files directory helped, though, so good suggestion. Additionally, "System Information for Windows" by Gabriel Topala helped with a rundown of active DLLs as well processes that are supposed to load on startup, scheduled tasks, and also uncovered the license keys to several pieces of software. Thanks again!

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