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By VictorFernandez ·
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Hi all,

I am in an evaluation process of different tools for monitoring more than 200 servers. I need to monitor EVERYTHING, cpu, memory, disks, network, switches and routers traffic, ...

We have VMware machines and we want to move to Docker containers.

Moreover I am looking for monitoring application layer....we have several applications installed such as Oracle Data Bases, Jboss, SAP, Pega Rules, and probably 20 more core applications.

What do you think? Is there any server monitoring tool that can allow me to monitor this kind of infrastructure? Sorry, I am still starting my process and there heaps of server monitoring tools

Could you give me some feedback from your favourite tool?
Please, write your experience and avoid spamy comments.
Thanks all
I appreciate your help

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My opinion: go for Pandora FMS

by aleister.foaley1 In reply to Server monitoring tool

Not so long ago I discovered Pandora FMS and this guys are awesome. They have a VMware plugin to autodiscover infrastructure automatically from the vCenter/ESX and also they have a Docker plugin, with the possibility to even be deployed in a Dockerized environment.

Check them out here

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UK Alternative Monitoring Tool

by OliverShorter_Noc396 In reply to Server monitoring tool

I work for a UK based network monitoring company, noc396. Our solution is very comprehensive and we could discuss your requirements further and arrange a demo if you are still looking?

The company that you have been suggested looks good, but i'm very confident in my companies abilities. Please get in touch to talk in more detail.

Best Regards,

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Many tools available

by gkarvindr In reply to Server monitoring tool

Nagios and Cacti would be my choice

Write to for more details

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