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Server not visible in network

By HomeAdmin ·
I have a small home network of 3 computers and a laptop.
PC 1 is running Windows Server 2003
PC 2 is running Windows 2000 Professional SP4
PC 3 is running Windows XP Home edition SP1
laptop is running Windows XP Professional SP1
1 modem/router with DHCP.

On all the computers is have installed ZoneAlarm as firewall with low restriction settings for my local network

PC 2 and 3 and the laptop can see each other in my workgroup (all computers are in exact the same workgroup and have different names). PC 1 running Windows server 2003 is unable to see network computers and can't even see itself in the network locations. The only roles for the server are file server and applications server. I also have installed aall the latest updates for Windows server 2003. An IP-address is assigned from the modem and I can connect to the internet.

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by HomeAdmin In reply to Server not visible in net ...

Extra info:

I also scan my computers every week with MCAfee virusscan, but no virus was found

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by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to Server not visible in net ...

if i was in this situation i would try a couple fo things.

1. From the machine that cant see the other, do you get any name resolution? Try to ping another box by name or IP.

2. Check the browser service on the machine and make sure that it is running.

3. Try using host files since no internal wins or dns is running.

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by HomeAdmin In reply to

I already tried both ping-methods
pinging the IP-address does give a reply
pinging the computer name does not give a repley, but a request timed out.

Browser service is already started.

I also installed and uninstalled DHCP, DNS and WINS on the computer and disabled the DHCP server in my modem, but that didn't help either.

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by BlitzSonik In reply to Server not visible in net ...

Question. Did you install Active Directory on your server. If you did, this may prevent you from seeing the other PC's. Also, make sure that all computers are in the same workgroup.

If all else fails, add the ip address of your server to the host file on each of the 3 pcs. Also make sure that each pc is on the same subnet. IE is not the same subnet as

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by HomeAdmin In reply to

I did not install Active directory. The workgroup on all the machines is exactly the same. My ip-range is tot with subnet mask

Ip-adres is automatically obtained from the DHCP server in my modem. I've inserted the ip-address in the host file on the "problem"machine, but that didn't work either.

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by HomeAdmin In reply to Server not visible in net ...

I've created a website with IIS6.0. when i run the local site with the computername I get error message HTTP status 500. When I view the site using the IP-address of the computer, the site is displayed normally

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by HomeAdmin In reply to Server not visible in net ...

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