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Server optimization....

By Chuckles ·
I've just "inherited" a small network of 3 servers all running NT 4.0. What I need to do is optimize my system for the best possible security and performance. I have 1 server that is my WEB server, another is an SQL server, and the other is my main server which houses all the network applications as well as user data and it's also my Exchange server.

My network applications are running kinda slow right now. I'm not sure why. I know it's not the network hardware. I just think the system is bogged down. I have deleted all the files that I can at this time.

What can I do to fully optimize this setup? Should I get a 4th server to run Exchange exclusively? Would upgrading to Windows 2000 server help any?

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How many users?

by rmuncy In reply to Server optimization....

Can you give some more details on network load? i.e. users, networked printers, using hubs or switches?

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I agree

by don In reply to Server optimization....

I agree with the last poster. How many users do you have on the network? Are you hubbed or switched? How many accounts on the Exchange Server? What kind of network applications are you running?

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Network Info....

by Chuckles In reply to I agree

I have approximately 40-45 users on my network. I am using Asante switches. My apllications are as follows:

Contact Management Software w/Email. (Not Outlook)

Printing Management Software (by Program Solutions)

Exchange users are approx. 35-40 as well.

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Exchange Server

by IT Tech In reply to Network Info....

The way to improve your performance would be to have Exchange Server by its self. Separate from your apps server, or if you need to combine servers put exchange on the one with the least utilization, exchange needs lots of resources.

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