Server OS disk upgrade?

By harold ·
I have a compaq proliant server with SCSI disk (raid 1) that are running out of space on the operating system drives. looking for suggestions for the best practice to replace the drives with larger ones?

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Well here it all depends on the size of the drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server OS disk upgrade?

SCSI Drives are smaller than any other type and quite a bit more expensive.

So most people only use the OS Drives to hold the OS and move all of the other data to different drive types in a different Partition/HDD in the same server. If your system is not configured that way you could do that and while you are at it move the Page File off the Boot Drives as well.l

If it is already set that way you can get some replacement drives the biggest currently available are 300 Gig which is somewhat larger than the older 147 GIG limit that used to exist and clone one drive at a time from the RAID 1 Array tot he new drives using something like Acronis or Ghost. When both of the drives are cloned and modified to use all of the HDD space you can fit them to the Server and try booting up. You may however be required to rebuild the RAID Array depending on the type of SCSI Controller.

Or you can just remove one of the existing drives fit a new bigger one and then boot the server and rebuild the Array. After that is finished you'll need to repeat the process with the other drive and depending on the RAID Controller you may then need to use something like G Parted to expand the drives up to the new capacity of the drives. Here it all depends on the actual RAID Controller in your server as to which is the way to proceed here.

Though the fastest way to proceed here is to move all of the Data and other files off the RAID to other drives in the system, However whatever you decide to do make sure that you have a Working Current Backup before starting to do anything.


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always so helpful :)

by NexS In reply to Well here it all depends ...

Deserves a thumbs up i reckon (wink wink nudge nudge)
anyway, thats a pretty good answer.

perhaps a new logical drive could be created after buying a couple more disks and setting up a 'system drive' and 'data drive' separately.

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SCSI upgrade

by harold In reply to always so helpful :)

These drives on on a pair of servers and the data is on a cluster array. the OS drives were installed with 9Gb and i already have spare 18Gb for replacement drives. I have large data drives on the cluster so that is not an issuse.

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