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Server rebooting after sp6a installation

By josephjames10 ·
I have just upgraded my one on SP6A, but after that server is now in booting loop and not coming of login screen. How can i remove sp6a.

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by inamhaque In reply to Server rebooting after sp ...

Choose to boot in safe mode, then find and fix the possible cause and reboot again, ( the most likly cause seems the SP6a installation, It doesn't work with all the machine ok, I also had the similar problem and eventually i had to reinstall the entire system and then upgrade to SP6a and restore my backup)
So possibly you need to uninstall the SP6a, Had you installed the SP6 prior to SP6a ? Try that way might work.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Server rebooting after sp ...

saying it is in booting loop not enuf. watch carefully and post exact point in boot it manages to get to. and error message.
this is probably a hd controller driver that needs to be reinstalled with previous version. you said yes and shoulda said no so sp6 clobbered driver with incompatible version. how to fix depends. if in your shoes i would write down hd controller model cull thru mskb looking for my similar symptoms (troubleshoot boot sp6). visit server mfg and/or hd controller website search for clues there.

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by Manthax In reply to Server rebooting after sp ...

Try this:

Boot-up your server, and pay real close attention to the screen and be quick. After the boot menu shows up, select the OS to start. After you do that you will see
"NTdetect v4.0 checking hardware" almost inmediately (and this is why I say to be quick) you will see the following:
"Press space bar now to invoke hardware/profile Last Known Good Menu" Press the space bar, and when you are in the next screen you MUST press "L"
In order for the Last Known Good Configuration to work.
My advise: Never, never let Service Packs overwrite your system drivers. I hope this helps.

One more thing Windows NT does not know safe mode.

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by rindi1 In reply to Server rebooting after sp ...

Watch your screen when the server tries to boot and crashes. Do you get a blue screen with memory-dump? Usually you should see the last driver or module the system wanted to load before it crashed. If necessary send post another question here with a read out of your blue screen. Otherwise, if you recognize the driver which doesn't load correctly, try rebooting into safe-mode. Now you should be able to remove that driver.

If your system doesn't blue-screen, and if you installed sp6a and used the "safe old configuration option", then you should be able to reboot into safe-mode, then go to control panel and add/remove programs. You should be able to find the sp6a in there now and should also be able remove sp6a from there. If you didn't safe your old config you won't be able to remove sp6a.

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