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Server Recommendations

By forbes.dan ·
I am looking to purchase servers, but need recommendations on which brands/configurations to look for. These are the minimum specs:

- dual processors
- large storage capabilities
- RAID 1 to RAID 5 capable

Also, what is a standard server software suite in addition to Windows 2003 for an office environment?

Thanks for any assistance.

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More details...

by NI70 In reply to Server Recommendations

...are needed. You don't state how large of an environment, how you're going to use these servers

1)How large of an environment, LAN/WAN, number of users.
2)How are you going to utilize these servers: a)file server, b)email server, c)print server, d)application server, and so on.
3)Are these to be rack mountable servers or towers?

Definitely need more details. Although I can make some recommendations, but what's the point without further details.

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A few more details...

by forbes.dan In reply to More details...

Thanks for the reply. Here are the only additional details that I have:

1) LAN - 50+ users
2) file and print server, no apps or e-mail
3) towers

Thanks for the help.

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IBM or HP, stay away from Dell IMHO

by RobRoyNJ In reply to A few more details...

I suggest you stay away from Dell. They used to have great service but I have seen the service deteriorate in the past year.

We now buy almost all IBM but we've keep buying some HPs now and again for some specific jobs. For what you're looking for I would suggest the IBM xseries. They are very well designed and well built. Easy to manage and pretty cost competitive (but I buy on some contracted prices based on volume so I'm not sure how they stack up on an individual basis.)

Hope that helps. Good luck

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Buyers preference, I suppose

by NI70 In reply to A few more details...

I've been a Dell devotee since 1998. And have been converting towards being a completely Dell shop. So I suppose it would be your preference. Shop around, get some reviews, basically do your homework.

Now, I was just at Dell's website, and they offer a really scaled PowerEdge tower at about $699 on up to $1,890. You can customize your hardware configuration configuration and even select which network operating system to have installed Windows Small Business Server 2003, Red Had Enterprise Linux v4 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

I have had experience in the past with Gateway and IBM, but felt their tech support was far less superior than Dell's tech support.

As I said earlier, shop around, do your homework, research reviews, and compare costs.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion on Dell! And I'm biased!

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Get a dell

by amen In reply to Buyers preference, I supp ...

I'm have worked with a couple of machines from Gateway, IBM's, HP and recently DELL. From your description I have no doubt a DELL Server will more than meet your demands- Redundancy, Power, Expandabiltiy and Price. Get a DELL. As a friend I recommend these servers

Dell PowerEdge 1800 (Enhanced)

Dell PowerEdge 1420SC (If, tight on budget )
Pls Note. 1420SC will not be a wise choice if your user-base will grow considerably in a short time.

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Redundancy as Name of Game

by Simon.McFarlane In reply to Server Recommendations

Look to level of redundancy required for purpose/s of server. Do you need 5 9s (99.999%) uptime? ie. Can you afford next-business-day swapout of, say, a faulty power supply or motherboard or is overnight too long to be down? I spec'd my servers for high redundancy (at the cost of price): dual cpus, dual power supplies, dual fans, RAID1 for OS drive, RAID5 for storage (hot-swappable scsi drives) etc...

Also, carefully research the *industry* recommended hardware requirements for each application you're considering running on each box (ie. minimum RAM, swap space, cpu etc).

My 2 cents.

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As to the OS

by jim In reply to Server Recommendations

You might check out Novell's offerings for the Network OS. If you don?t have any apps that rely on a windows server you will find much easier management, better stability, and more flexibility in licensing. We are currently running Netware 6.5 as the backbone for our organization, in conjunction with several windows servers for application delivery. We can count on at least one of the Windows boxes having a problem of some kind each month. In the last 3 years we have had only 2 outages in the Netware systems. Both of these were resolved in minutes.

Just my $.02

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