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Server responding slow between a specific time

By vksumanlal ·

Now I am going through a critical situation that has no answer for me , but I believe that you can help me in this

We have an ERP solution running in my network. Oracle E business.

Server ? HP prolient G5 2 GB ram with 2 partitions

Partition c = 72 GB .. Mirrored (2 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD)

Partition d= RAID5 (3 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD + 1 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD as stand by)
OS .. windows 2000 Advanced server. SP- 4 Upto date in patching

IIS version = 5.0.
Oracle 9i DB

Forms 6i as frond end

It was running smoothly. Our working tome is GMT 8 am to 5 pm. Some of the top level managers are doing their checking after 5 pm everyday up to 9 pm

Around 50 employees are accessing the ERP daily from their desktop through Web based interface (http:apps:13000)

Past one month after 5 pm the server is responding very slowly .. this will happen any moment after 5 PM daily up to next day 8 am to 8.30 am.

The server is only running Oracle , no other application except Symantec antivirus server.

From any networked PC after 5 pm the ERP is very slow?. (log in to the erp, menu drill down, taking different menus every thing works fast? while saving data, opening a report it is taking min 30 sec ? in normal condition after 8 am these reports will opening in 3 sec)

While using 2 tire all the reports , saving is happening very fast ? when coming to 3 tire getting big delay..

EVEN IN THE SERVER ITSELF is SLOW during this time
Following I did to overcome the situation
Restarting the server almost 2- 3 times ?. No change in performance

Deleting temp cache and files ?. No change in performance

Deleting Oracle TEMP .. No change in performance

Removing antivirus (uninstall) ?. ...No change in performance

Removing unwanted win services ?No change in performance

Removing windows firewall ?No change in performance

After disk defragment and disk check ?No change in performance

Changed system memory ?No change in performance

Reinstalled IIS and reconfigured ---- This worked for me for one week and after the same delay happening after 5 PM everyday

Pls can you suggest a solution for me ?

We are using win2003 domain and all the users are authenticated by the domain.

Thx and regards

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