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IS restarting the servers such as domino, F&P, Proxy,or for that matter all the servers in the datacentre once in a week a good practice ? If yes what are the benefits of restarting the servers once in a way. In case of a db server running oracle 9, is there any harm to the databse in such regular weekly restarts ?

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by rindi1 In reply to SERVER RESTART

When your servers are based on windows as OS the answer is yes (paticularly for domino servers). Our domino servers used up memory handles of which windows supplied only a few, so after a couple of days without reboot the server crashed anyway. Proxy servers on the other hand should be relativ stable without rebooting regularly.

Rebooting / restarting database servers is often a good idea, as often a restart of the database service cleans up unused indexes etc.

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by ultracoel In reply to

good to know thank you for that info

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