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Server Room Design (Best Practices).

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Hello everybody,

I found a very interesting chapter from a Coriolis Group book about Server Installation (Chapter 6). It makes reference on pag 176 to a chapter 5 titled "Environmental and Security Considerations for a server room". Unfortunately I could not have found that chapter yet. Does anyone have it? I really appreciate any comments about where can I find this chapter..

I have a project to create a very competitive server room. I would like to use all best practices to do this job. Does anyone have information about these practices?

One proposal is to locate Telecom devices in a room close to server room for security reasons my point.. Other guy's proposal is Telecomm devices and servers in the same room..(I don`t think so).. I have to support my point technically.. I need the best practices to support it.

Thanks in advance to everybody por all information and comments.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Server Room Design (Best ...

ITIL has a number of papers on best practices for IT center design.

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by awfernald In reply to Server Room Design (Best ...

Step one: Determine what equipment you are going to include in the server room, i.e. Servers, Networking, Telecom, PBX, etc...

Step two: What is the maximum/minimum/best estimate of your server room requirements over the next several years (I would try to estimate out to 10 years at least, however if not possible, try for five years).

Step three: Determine cooling requirements

Step four: Double the cooling requirements (Should have two separate cooling systems to prevent a single failure in cooling from causing the need to shut your systems down. Also allows scheduled maintenance on cooling).

Step five: Determine your estimated maximum electrical load, UPS power loads, voltage stabilization requirements, and backup power supply (if required). Make sure you include at least one cooling unit in your estimation.

Step six: If you haven't done it already, do a floorplan/schematic planning all of your equipment locations (UPS, air circulation/AC vents/returns, equipment racks), interrack cable runs, electrical power runs and air flow. Also, you will need to include in this diagram your fire suppression system.

As far as the security requirements of telecomm space vs server space.... the way I handled this was having a single large space at each site, telecom on one side, servers on the other, with a dividing wall in between. Each side had their own external entrances, with a combo locked door in between them. The computer people could access their servers, the telecom people could access their equipment, it was easy for people who needed access to both sides, and we could share the appropriate infrastructure (i.e. fire suppression, electrical stabilization, cooling, UPS, etc...).

Even if you don't now have a current security requirement to separate telecom from servers, you should evaluate this, as in the future, those requirements may pop up.

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by assessor In reply to

Thanks a lot awfernald for all your comments..

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by assessor In reply to Server Room Design (Best ...

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