Server room flooring

By mbryant ·
I have been given the task of setting up a new server room. The room is only small but should hold upto 6 racks with room to move, but initially there will only be 1 rack. The room is on the second floor of the building and was previously used as an office. The room has an air conditioner which is suitable for the time being, and data cabling will be run via cable trays mounted to the ceiling.

My main concern is with the floor. It is currently covered with carpet which is getting a bit old. I have 2 options

1. leave the carpet and just install the racks.
2. remove the carpet and install the racks on the concrete.

Unfortunately I don't have time or budget to replace the carpet with anti static tiles etc.

I am thinking the best option is to remove the carpet leaving the concrete floor. What do you think? Has anyone else done this?

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For the church?

by CG IT In reply to Server room flooring

remove the carpet and have a concrete floor. Carpet produces static electricity which is one thing you don't want.

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Personally I would tear the carpet out and go with bare concrete

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server room flooring

Even if you can bypass the static issue with carpet you still have the dust issue to deal with. While Concrete will not stop any outside dust clogging the servers it will at least not allow any existing dust & other rubbish to be picked up by the Hardware in the room.


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Agree with Concrete

by TheChas In reply to Server room flooring

I agree with the recommendation to remove the carpet and go with concrete.

I would however scrub the concrete and lay down a fresh coat of concrete sealer before starting the equipment installation.

Even just walking on bare concrete can create a lot of very fine dust. A good sealer will keep the dust down and make it easier to clean the floor. As an added benefit, it preserves the concrete.

As concrete is hygroscopic, if you keep the humidity at a reasonable level in the room, it will perform as well as anti-static flooring. Just don't wear rubber or plastic soled shoes.


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yeah.. paint the concrete

by formerly In reply to Server room flooring

Garage floor paint should keep the room very low-dust. Give it plenty of time to dry. Lots of fumes initially, but its an awesome floor finish when you are done. Very mop-able, and hides any cracks in the concrete.

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we have carpets :)

by david.wallis In reply to Server room flooring

although its probably not a good idea due to static :)

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Most of these suggestions are good

by ComputerCookie In reply to we have carpets :)

I would have suggestested that you paint the concrete floor!

Although you could tile it, but I think the thing to consider would be the colour of the tile or paint, white would be the best to show up and dust that may appear in the room.

Even if the room is sealed fluff and other matter will be carried in or shed from peoples clothing.

However, if you get talked into raising of the floor make sure you have a sturdy platform.

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