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By pijavier ·
Hi guys,

We are moving into a new building. someone else has designed the floor plan for us and so happened that the position of the server room is near the elevator shafts.

Our research team tells us that positioning the server room near the elevator shaft is not best practice as the elveator shafts absorb magnetic fields of the building.

1. Is this true? IS it dangerous for our server to be positioned on this area?

2. We cannot make any changes anymore as construction is almost done, If this is the case, What can we do to protect the server from these magnetic fields?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


P Javier

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Yes elevators can create Magnetic Fields

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Server Room Location

But they are low intensity fields that shouldn't do any harm to anything lest of all the servers.

However the big problem with Lifts is that in the event of fire water pours down these shafts and can infiltrate the server room and flood it very quickly so provided that you are making regular Generational Backups and taking them Off Site there shouldn't be any problems.


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Server room location

by cs In reply to Server Room Location

Any static magnetic field of the building is unlikely to cause any serious problem unless it is extremely strong fields. So I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Wander round the area with a pocket compass and see if you get any substantial anomalies in the magnetic field. The hazard if any to the server room is from fluctuating electromagnetic fields, such as from high power cables, electric motors, radar sources. With elevators the winding motor is usually located with the winding gear up in the roof out of harm's way.

If you find an EMF source causing problems you can reduce it by using faraday cage techniques - line the wall/floor/ceiling with conductive metal foil/mesh carefully connected to an electrical ground.

Do not run unshielded data cables close to the elevator shaft.

Usuing grounded all metal equipment cabinets can help as well

More likely nowadays the problem will be:
Lack of sufficient electrical power;
Lack of sufficient cooling;
Lack of floor strength to support full cabinets and UPS system.

Check the power and weight demands of the equipment that you will be housing. The floor strength should be checked with your facilities/building manager.

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