Server Room Temp.

By patb071 ·
what is the ideal temperature for a server room? We currently have it set at 75 degrees.

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by carr_dj In reply to Server Room Temp.

I have heard that servers can handle fine at a steady 86. I personally wouldn't recomend it but if your trying to cut cost I would keep it between 75-80.

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The problem with that

by JamesRL In reply to Temp

Is that if 86 is your "safe temp" and 90 is where you get worried, if your AC unit fails, it won't take long to get to your failure point.

I've had some experience with AC units failing recently

I'd suggest no more than 80 degrees. Don't forget that the thermostat only registers one part of the room and you could have places that are hotter.


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Common temp

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Server Room Temp.

I was reading about the same subject before a couple of days.

The most common temp i found most people using and recommending it, is 68F degree.

Its safe to have the temp up to 80F degree, but its not recommended; Specially for HDD.

But for me i am keeping it between 68-72F

And you have to watch for humidity levels and dew point.

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by Kenone In reply to Server Room Temp.

In the warmer months we keep it about 70F in there we let it get a little higher during the colder months (75-78F) to keep the AC unit from freezing up, doesn't always work.

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Check for when your servers will shutdown

by DMambo In reply to Server Room Temp.

Generally the shutdown point is defaulted to 120 or so, which is too high, IMO. I figure if the server room tops 90, then something is wrong and I want things shut down.

With a small room like mine, it doesn't take too long to jump from 90 to 110+. I'll gladly take the extra downtime to prevent a HW problem.

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We set ours...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Server Room Temp.

At 72 degrees F. Our environmental monitors will start sending out alarms at 90 degrees F.

We came in one day and it sounded like a vacuum cleaner running, then it dawned on me that it was the server fans screaming bloody murder. It hit 120 degrees F that day in the room. Lots of HDD failure lights and servers shutting down and rebooting. We replaced the A/C unit shortly there after once the condenser on the roof bit the dust.

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I've had the AC die three times in the last 6 months

by JamesRL In reply to We set ours...

But its stayed around the 92 degree mark, as long as I use the fan in the door trick. I have a "fan on a stand" I put in the doorway, blowing the hot air out.

I do hate that sound, as the fans scream.


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It was something so small too.

by cmiller5400 In reply to I've had the AC die three ...

A tiny transformer that supplied power to the thermostat.

The fan in the door does work quite well, we also use several more fans to direct the airflow from the hot spots towards the door. But after removing 10 servers that were 10+ years old, and replacing them with 3 new servers, the BTU output dropped dramatically. This server room can run shut without a/c for about a half hour before it get's to the point of being too warm.

At our old location years ago, we had two condensers and three air handlers. The A/C contractor shut both condenser units down at the same time to clean them (yes, only one tech doing the cleaning!), within 5 minutes the alarm company was calling to say that the room was over 90 degrees.

Edit: Clarity

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Yeah I get those calls

by JamesRL In reply to It was something so small ...

And our alarm is at 90 degrees as well.

We tend to have a lot of old stuff here, mainly because we lease our customers computers and we use the lease returns as our development/test boxes.


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