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    Server setting OR Domain setting?


    by kevin203 ·

    Hi guys,

    I got a minor problem here…

    I cant manage to explore the Mail server although i am the administrator of the domain.

    Izzit what related to join domain issue? I join the new Mail server to the domain like joining win xp machine to domain. I use domain administrator as mail server user as well.

    secondly is i got three domain name in user explorer. I think is done by previous EDP Executive who are poorly manage the whole network. Can i delete it?

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      Do this

      by runaldo ·

      In reply to Server setting OR Domain setting?

      First – get an architecture of how you want the network. This is much better then taking away things you don’t want.

      On the mailserver. Check the Eventlog (System) for errors. Use to find solutions and see if things change.

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