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By liejian ·
Hi everyone,

I am a developer so please fogive me for my lack of server setup knowledge. I just recently had a static IP installed into my house and wanted to host a server for a decently heavy traffic site. I am planning on running the internet connection directly into my server. My question is what type of software do I need to install into it to protect it. I imagine firewall, antivirus, etc but I wanted actual product names. Please keep in mind that I am on a budget but would still like decent protection. Thanks!!!!

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by CG IT In reply to Server Setup Advice Neede ...

connecting any computer directly to an internet connection is not a good idea. Best to invest in a firewall. That requires knowing what type of internet connection you have.

If you have a ADSL line, Cisco makes a pretty decent firewall/access router but the drawback there is it's not easy to configure. Consumer level routers from Linksys, Netgear, Dlin, provide basic firewall security. SonicWall is a step up from consumer level but the downside is that the add ons cost a bundle and it's those add ons which make it a pretty good router.

AV? I use Norton, others use McAfee, still other use AVG Free [it's free], but as long as you have AV, that's what matters.

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software firewall?

by liejian In reply to welp

is there a software firewall solution that is cost effective?

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You bet

by Tig2 In reply to software firewall?

I use Zone Alarm Pro on my laptop and on my F&P server. Partner uses the Internet Suite and loves it. We have Zone Free on my mom in laws computer and she loves it (she still dials in, didn't need more for her requirements).

Point your browser to to learn more about internet safety and security. I use a number of his "quick and dirty" utilities to keep my computer happy.

Incidentally, Zone Pro runs about $40 per year. Nice price and easy to keep up with.

Hope this helps!

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